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"The Case of the Crimson Kiss" (1948)

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  • miketooney49
    This story was anthologized by Ellery Queen in his/their Masterpieces of Mystery: The Supersleuths, a review of which appeared on the GADetection Wiki, and,
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      This story was anthologized by Ellery Queen
      in his/their 'Masterpieces of Mystery: The
      Supersleuths,' a review of which appeared on
      the GADetection Wiki, and, since it's short,
      is reproduced here:


      5. "The Case of the Crimson Kiss" (1948)
      by Erle Stanley Gardner (1889-1970)

      Supersleuth: Perry Mason (with Della Street
      and Paul Drake).

      --"Ordinarily I'd spar for time, but in this case
      I'm afraid time is our enemy, Della. We're
      going to have to walk into court with all the
      assurance in the world and pull a very large
      rabbit out of a very small hat." (page 164)

      --"They were after her then, a throng of humanity,
      motivated only by the mass instinct to pursue that
      which ran for cover." (page 175)

      --Comment: "... Carver L. Clements, wealthy
      playboy, yachtsman, broker, gambler for high
      stakes, was dead." (page 143) -- and good rid-
      dance, too; but why is Fay Allison, who never
      even met the deceased, on trial for his murder
      -- especially when there are better suspects
      around like, say, Perry Mason and Della Street?
      Talk about your kiss of death! Filmed for TV in
      1957 with Raymond Burr.


      It's now possible to view episodes of TV's
      'Perry Mason' series on-line. One of the
      rare short stories that Erle Stanley Gardner
      wrote about his lawyer-sleuth was this one:


      "The Case of the Crimson Kiss"

      'When a lipstick print is found on the forehead
      of a murder victim, Mason's client is charged
      with the crime, even though she and her room-
      mate were poisoned and unconscious at the

      Season 1: Episode 008


      This link will take you directly to the episode
      (which will immediately begin to play), but
      you'll have to endure pop-up ads and/or
      slow-load buffering (depending on the size
      of your RAM):


      Run time: 52 minutes, 55 seconds.

      Other series, such as 'Hawaii Five-O' and 'Star
      Trek: The First Iteration,' are also available
      for viewing:


      [Thanks to Linda for the link.]
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