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Re: dating Eberhart stories

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  • Douglas G. Greene
    RKA Rick Cypert sent me a 7-page Select Bibliography of Short Stories and Serialized Novels by Mignon Good Eberhart, listing periodical appearances (where
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 31, 2006

      Rick Cypert sent me a 7-page "Select Bibliography of Short Stories and
      Serialized Novels by Mignon Good Eberhart," listing periodical
      appearances (where known) and book editions -- though for some reason
      it doesn't crosslist with CASES OF SUSAN DARE. I can post it to this
      main GAD site -- ahven't had time to figure out the WIKI yet.

      Doug G

      --- In GAdetection@yahoogroups.com, "rkazero" <rkazero@f...> wrote:
      > I am trying to set up a Mignon Eberhart detail page on the Wiki, about
      > the stories, novels and shorter, that have been published in book form.
      > Serial characters, setting locations, time periods. In the Time
      > Period column most stories can simply be coded 'contemp' meaning
      > roughly contemporary with the writing. For this to be informative,
      > however, one must be able to date the story.
      > For novels, and novelets published separately, this is not difficult.
      > Usually, the date of first book publication or the copyright date
      > will be close enough. For other short pieces it can be a problem
      > because individual stories are rarely dated in collections.
      > Therefore ... (you know what's coming) ... can anyone help me with the
      > dating of Eberhart stories that have been collected but never
      > published separately in book form? There is an exhaustive list of
      > these in the Wiki: go to the Eberhart page and at the bottom is a link
      > to "The Collections" where all the novelets and short stories are
      > listed. Doug Greene, I think I'm particularly talking to you!
      > Thanks, RKA
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