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FW: UPDATE: New stories added!

... From: onlinepulps@yahoogroups.com The main site can be found at: http://pulpgen.com/pulp/downloads Our most recent additions are listed at:
Monte Herridge
May 22


Website: http://carrdickson.blogspot.com/ (520) "A Cloud of Blood Sprayed Over Them":
Michael Soderberg
May 22

animals as witnesses in GA detective fiction

I’ve just finished reading Erle Stanley Gardner’s THE CASE OF THE CARELESS KITTEN. I’ve now read about half a dozen of his Perry Mason mysteries and no
Allan Griffith
May 22

Re: Music as clue

On 20 May 2015 at 00:58, Mary Reed maywrite@... [GAdetection] < ... I love the Martin Hewitt stories and that one's included in the Dover collection
Allan Griffith
May 22

Re: musical clues

Murder on the Blackboard by Stuart Palmer When the Wind Blows by Cyril Hare. And I seem to remember one where the murderer is characterised by his whistling a
Jon Jermey
May 19

Music as clue

"The first author who springs to mind is of course Edmund Crispin, a noted composer himself." A "noted" composer? Is there any other kind? :) At first I
Arnie Perlstein
May 19

Music as clue

One that springs to mind, Al, is one of Arthur Morrison's Hewitt tales, to wit, The Case of the Flitterbat Lancers, in which a written piece of music is a code
Mary Reed
May 19

Re: The Tragedy of Z

Very good review, Patrick. It's good to be reminded of this book and the series. I too was impressed by the prison scenes in Z. It will be interesting to see
May 19
May 19

musical clues

We’ve talked about golden age detective fiction in which paintings play a crucial role. What about music? There must be quite a few detective stories in
Allan Griffith
May 19

The Tragedy of Z

Today on the blog (it's been a while since that phrase has made a regular appearance), I review THE TRAGEDY OF Z. What did I think of Drury Lane? Did I have
Patrick Ohl
May 18

Re: paintings in golden age detective fiction

A portrait is a central element of Carr's The Burning Court. Best, Sam ... I’m looking for golden age (or earlier) detective stories in which paintings play
May 17

Re: Seventeen Steps to 221B

On 17 May 2015 at 20:49, Arthur Robinson awrobins@... [GAdetection] < ... So is it a collection of essays rather than stories? Al
Allan Griffith
May 17

The Scoop & Behind That Screen (1930-31) by The Detection Club

I decided to dip in this collection of two, novelized radio plays from the early 1930s that were written by an all-star cast from the London Detection Club for
Last century Detective
May 17

Re: Seventeen Steps to 221B

 I saw this in a librtary years (actually decades) ago, and photocopied the essay by Carr. Here's the WorldCat record for the original edition:  Seventeen
Arthur Robinson
May 17
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