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California Association of Germany an GABA

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  • Dorian Dowdy
    California Association of Germany an GABA Dear Friends, Little American Oktoberfest All German-American clubs in Munich and friends are cordially invited to
    Message 1 of 168 , Jun 4, 2011
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      California Association of Germany an GABA

      Dear Friends, 
                                                   Little American Oktoberfest
      All German-American clubs in Munich and friends are cordially invited to this year's celebration of the "Little American Oktoberfest" which will be held at the Waldwirtschaft, Georg-Kalb-Str. 3 in Grossehesselohe for an entire week from 3 July through 10 July.  Every day there will be attractions for the whole family plus a daily changing music programm going from country and western, pop, rock, jazz, blues and soul. We will notify everyone exactly what will be planned each day.
      For activities we plan different games from lasso or horse shoes throwing to bull riding.  We plan to set up a tipi with face-painting or the kids plus special programms in the kid's playground. The food will be as typical American as we can get it with hamburgers, hot dogs, marshmellows, American ice cream, spare ribs amoung other items.
      We will begin on the 3rd of July around noon at the Waldwirtschaft with a special programm for the Independence Day festivities.  We will have reserved tables specially decorated in American colors, and all invited to attend.  Sepp and Tina Krätz are putting forth a specal effort this year to ensure that everyone will enjoy themselves, and hopefully tell their friends about it.
      Please feel free to distribute this email to anyone who might be interested participating. Please send me a return email to let you know you plan to come on the 3rd of July.
      For more information about the Waldwirtschaft please visit the following website:
      www. waldwirtschaft.de
      Until then, all the best.
      Dave Dowdy
    • Dorian Dowdy
      California Association of Germany an GABA Reminder: If you have already notified us that you coming, you may disregard this email. Dear Friends, The weather in
      Message 168 of 168 , May 21, 2014
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        California Association of Germany an GABA
        Reminder: If you have already notified us that you coming, you may disregard this email.
        Dear Friends,
        The weather in Munch has finally turned around. I just got finished talking to the big guy upstairs, and he said he will see what he can do for Sunday. We therefore, have every reason to believe that we will have nice weather for Sunday and will be able to party in the garden.
        The Munich Cowboys American Football Team will be represented with several members of their team and Cheerleaders. Also, they will sponsor a game where our guests will be able to test their American football throwing skills. For the kids we will have face painting and a clown to keep them busy.
        The very popular American singer and entertainer Ron Williams will join us as well. Things are really looking good for a wonderful afternoon of music, dancing, good conversation and good times.
        If you were undecided until today, now is the time to drop me an email, and let me know that you are coming. Also, please tell your friiends about the party as well and have them notify me if they want to join us on Sunday.
        Best regards and see you on Sunday.
        Dorian Dave Dowdy
        Dear Friends,
        Dear Members of MING (Munich International Networking Groups)
        Linda Jo Rizzo and Dave Dowdy in cooperation with the Amerikahaus at Karolinenplatz 3 in Munich cordially invite you to the family event
                                                                   Amerikahaus Jam
        to be held on Sunday, 25 May from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. If we have nice weather, the party will be held outside in the garden.  If not, inside the Amerikahaus. Here is another opportunity to get to know and mingle with other Bavarian, American and international groups in Munich.
        We will have up to 18 musicians on stage performing a wide variety of American music from jazz, pop, soul and blues to country music. I personally know most of them. They have been around a long time in Munich and belong to the best in the business. Get ready for some great music, fun times and good dancing.
        We will also have a good selection of food and drinks that will be sold at moderate prices.
        Entrance fees will be 10 Euros for adults and 5 Euros for kids (Kids 6 and younger have free entrance), which goes toward paying the musicians and the Amerikahaus party organization.
        You do not have to reserve places, everybody is invited.  We will have enough space to accomodate all. We ask you however to please let us know per return email if you want to join us and how many people in your party will be attending.  We need numbers so that we can plan the amount of food and drinks.
        Please plan to come per public transportaton or per bicycle.  There are not many free parking spaces in the vicinity.
        For more details please take a look at the attached flyer.
        The Bavarian-American Friendship Day party we had last night was a tremendous success. If you liked that party at the Hippodrom, Frühlingsfest, you will love this one.
        Best regards,
        Dave Dowdy
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