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Table at Oktoberfest - Wednesday, 22 Sep 10 @ 1900 hours

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  • Larry Schulz
    Hi, We have a special opportunity. If you have someone in your network that wants to take a group to Oktoberfest and is looking for tickets, here’s a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2010

    We have a special opportunity.  If you have someone in your network that wants to take a group to Oktoberfest and is looking for tickets, here’s a possibility!  Tina Huesing (Tina.Huesing@...) has extra tickets and could make them available at her purchase cost.  They are in one of the smaller Bierzelten.  Given the higher price for each ticket, I would expect the food and service to be better ... plus the Gemütlichkeit.  If you are interested, please contact Tina directly.
    Wednesday, September 22nd
    7:00 PM
    1 table (14 seats)
    €65,00/ Person
    Total €910,00
    Best regards,
    Larry Schulz
    Poschinger Strasse 9
    D-81679 Munich, Germany
    Phone:  49-89-985-984, FAX:     49-89-9810-9488
    Cell Phone/Handy:  0172-811-3072
    E-mail:  lschulzl@... - note the 3 l's in "lschulzl"

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