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Re: [GABA-MUNICH] rarecompany AG

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  • EJ Dieterle - YES Partners
    Hi Michael, Hi Torsten, I noticed your emails and want to give you some input on the recruiting- business in general. There are more details or differences,
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      Hi Michael, Hi Torsten,
      I noticed your emails and want to give you some input on the recruiting-
      business in general. There are more details or differences, but basically 
      each type of company works as follows:
      - normally for lower-level positions
      - this is usually not 'recruiting', but rather a 'resume-collection' system
        for sending (most of the time) unsolicited resumes to companies.
      then there are 2 types of SEARCH companies (commonly known as 'headhunters')
      - the focus is on candidates (not companies), i.e. the search-firm gets paid
        once one of their candidates is hired by a company.
      - typically used for junior- to mid-level positions
      - source of candiates: usually resume-banks, job-boards, want-ads
      - typically 'active' candidates (= actively looking for a job), i.e. as above, normally
        not a 'search' but rather a 'resume-collection'
      - usually work on non-exclusive assignments, i.e. several contingency firms
        compete to submit candidates (resumes) for the same positions
      - resumes are submitted to the companies once received by the contingency agency,
        sometimes with no interviewing of candidate or just a short telephone interview
      - resumes often sent to various companies without coordination with the candidates
      - due to the system candidates often are not matching the requirements
      - the focus is on companies (= search-firm working for companies), i.e. the other
        way around from above the retained search-firm is looking for candidates matching
        the requirements of the company. (usually a retainer, but other payment-systems
        do exist).
      - typically this is used for director-level and above positions (V-level: VP, SVP, EVP s.o.
        and & C-level: CEO, CFO, COO, Country-Managers s.o.)
      - active search (= "headhunting") based on clients (companies') requirements
      - the focus is on 'passive' candidates (= candidates not looking)
      - a retained search-firm has an assignment exclusively
      - resumes sent normally only after coordination with candidates
      - usually face-to-face interviewing of candidates
      - only candidates presented on shortlist who do match the requirements of the company  
      best regards
      'e.j.' dieterle
      YES Partners
      global executive search solutions
      tel +1 (650) 726-8733
      YES Partners is an international retained Executive Search Firm
      based in the Silicon Valley, adding value to companies by finding
      exceptional executives they otherwise don’t have access to.
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      From: "Michael Braun" <braun_m@...>
      Sent: Wednesday, August 25, 2004 2:03 PM
      Subject: Re: [GABA-MUNICH] rarecompany AG

      > Hi Torsten,
      > die
      verfolgen den (eigentlich interessanten) Ansatz,
      > das Biz Model des
      Headhunters umzukehren in eine Art
      > "company hunter" für den Kandidaten.
      Mein einmaliger
      > Kontakt vor ca 1 Jahr hat einen bleibenden ,
      > sehr negativen - Eidruck hinterlassen:
      > Hohe
      Einstiegsbarrieren durch aufwändige Formulare (an
      > sich nicht schlecht,
      auf Qualität zu achten, aber viel
      > zu bürokratisch), sehr
      unprofessioneller Saftladen, no
      > return of phone calls, dürftiges
      > keinerlei Follow-up oder
      > Eindruck eines sehr begrenzten Firmen-
      > Job-Portfolios.
      > Fazit: Nicht empfehlenswert!
      > M.
      > --- Torbu <
      href="mailto:torbu@...">torbu@...> wrote:
      > > Hi,
      > >
      > > hat hier jemand
      schon mal was von der rarecompany AG
      > >
      > > (
      href="http://www.rarecompany.com">www.rarecompany.com) gehoert, bzw. kann jemand
      > > Aussagen ueber den
      > > Service dieser Firma
      machen? Es handelt sich bei dem
      > > Unternehmen um
      > > eine
      > >
      > > Mich wuerden sowohl
      Erfahrungen aus sicht von
      > > Unternehmen die
      > >
      Professionals suchen interessieren, als auch
      > > Professionals die eine
      > > neue Position suchen und dabei auf die Erfahrung
      > > bzw.
      Services dieser
      > > Agentur zurueck gegriffen haben.
      > >
      > > Danke u. Gruss,
      > > Torsten
      > >
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