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994AGBC Events - Monthly Meeting - 27th November and Christmas Dinner - 4th December

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  • lschulzl
    Nov 2, 2013
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      We have two quite good upcoming events which provide opportunities for networking, relaxing and learning more about what's going on these days at the Deutsches Museum.  
      AGBC October Monthly Meeting - 30th October - Marriott Hotel

      The Munich Chapter of the American German Business Club (AGBC) is hosting our next monthly meeting on Wednesday, 27th November at the Marriott Hotel, Berlinerstr 93 in north Schwabing. Again this month I would like to invite you as fellow members of the Munich Chapter of GABA to this meeting.  As announced a couple of weeks ago, our Guest Speaker will be Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Heckl, General Director of the Deutsches Museum.  He is certain to pique some of your technology interests.

      Registration commences at 1830 hours.  We then start our monthly meetings at 1900 hours, and after club announcements and a couple of 3-5 minute points of view (i.e. pitches) by several members, the Guest Speaker presents for about 30 minutes with 15 minutes of Q&A.  Then we proceed to our buffet dinner and networking.  Some attendees stay until 2300, others depart somewhat earlier.  The meeting cost is Eur 25 for AGBC members and Eur 35 for Guests. These funds are used to pay the Marriott for the meeting room, buffet and one drink per attendee.
      Here is the description of the event and Prof Dr. Heckl's topic:
      Vision for the Deutsches Museum 2025
      The Deutsches Museum, one of the largest science museums in Europe and one of Munich top “must-visit” sites, was founded by Oskar von Miller, Carl von Linde and Walter von Dyk in 1903 as “the place” for science education in Germany, in order to provide scientists and engineers for the "Deutschland AG." In the mean time, it has become Germany’s national science research museum and is the most frequently visited museum in Germany.  Its goal is to make science and technology accessible to visitors in an understandable and charming way. As such it has inspired the founding of numerous technology museums around the world, including Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry.
      In addition to the main building on the Museumsinsel, the museum’s three branch museums – the Flugwerft Schleissheim, the new Verkehrszentrum on the Theresienhöhe, and the Deutsches Museum Bonn – were built in recent years and today also attract significant crowds.
      Given the advanced age of the core museum on the Museumsinsel, it’s no wonder that the various exhibitions and the building complex itself require extensive restructuring. After the Second World War, the museum complex was merely patched up, and since then has never undergone any fundamental renovation work. Due to their age, some of the permanent exhibitions are in urgent need of restoration and modernization.  Consequently, in 2011, the Deutsches Museum launched its ‘Zukunftsinitiative,’ a major reconstruction project of 400 Mio Euro, funded in a private-public partnership in order to ensure that it remains a top international address in the field of science and technology.  Prof Dr. Wolfgang Heckl, Director General of the Deutsches Museum, will discuss the vision, the concept and the underlying ideas of the biggest renovation project in the history of the Deutsches Museum. 
      Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Heckl: As Director General of the Deutsches Museum, one of the largest science centers and technology museums in Europe, Prof Dr Wolfgang Heckl holds the Oskar von Miller chair for science communication as a professor of experimental physics and nanotechnology at the Technical University in München. He has a special interest in organic self-assembly and the origin of life. After receiving his Doctor of Science degree from the Technical University of Munich, he did postdoctoral research for IBM Research, mainly in Toronto and San Jose as well as at UCLA. After working as professor of experimental physics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, he was appointed Director General of the Deutsches Museum in 2004. 

      His academic teachers have been Nobel Prize winners Gerd Binnig and Theodor Hänsch. As a dynamic and charismatic science communicator, he received the Communicator Prize in 2002 from the German Science Foundation and was awarded the European Descartes Prize for Science Communication in 2004. He was the chairman for the pan-European Euroscience Open Forum in July 2006. In 2008 he received the Bundesverdienstkreuz. He is member of the German Academy for Technical Sciences Acatech. Recently he published the book "Die Kultur der Reparatur" by Hanser publications.  

      AGBC AGBC Christmas Dinner – 4th December – Café Luitpold

      Over the years, our AGBC Christmas dinner events have always been special ones, and this year’s will continue the trend. For the second year running, we will hold this year’s AGBC Christmas Dinner at the historic Café Luitpold, Brienner Str. 11, 80333 Munich (web:  www.cafe-luitpold.de) starting at 1900/7 PM and running until 2300 hours. Dinner will include an aperitif or alcohol-free drink and Minipasteten, followed by a delicious Christmas dinner which features Hokkaido Kurbis soup and Hirschrücken (venison) or Fisch St. Pierre. This will then be topped off by the Café Luitpold Chapeau Surprise desert. Participants will pay Eur 40.00 in advance for this evening, which is subsidized by the Munich Chapter of the AGBC. The price covers the aperitif, dinner and mineral water. As in prior years, participants will be asked to pay for their other drinks and related gratuities separately.

      The following are the conditions for registration:
      1.   Registration and prepayment are required by not later than Saturday, 30th November. This is essential for planning purposes at Café Luitpold. 
      2.   The Special Price of Eur 40.00 per person must be pre-paid to hold your reservation - the reservation is only valid once your payment is received. Thus: “first paid, first reserved.”  Please make your payments as soon as possible.
      3.   Payment should be made to the AGBC Bank Account at the Münchner Bank, Account Nr: 1089595, BLZ: 701 900 00. Please state your last name, number of tickets being purchased, meat or fish, and "Christmas Dinner.” (e.g.: J. Doe and M. Smith, 2xChristmas Dinner (1 Member, 1 Guest), EURO 80.00 payment).

      Conditions of Cancellation: Your registration is considered binding once we have received payment. Due to our commitments to Café Luitpold, we are unable to return pre-payments for “no-shows.”
      If you are interested in joining us for any of our AGBC monthly meetings or the Christmas Dinner, please be sure to register in the Events tool at www.agbc.deThis appears in the Munich Chapter section on the right side. The first time you use the tool, you will need to Register (i.e. your E-mail address and set up a password), then Login to sign up for the event. Should you have an emerging timing conflict, you can easily remove your sign up as explained in the tool. Signups are very important for our planning purposes. 

      We regularly outline our upcoming events and other AGBC news and Member inputs in our monthly newsletter.  If you are interested in receiving this, please send me an E-mail and I can set you up on the distribution list.  You will then receive an E-mail from our newsletter software, Vertical Response.  Just click on that E-mail to confirm.     
      As mentioned in recent AGBC E-mails, our Munich Chapter of the AGBC meets monthly (excluding July, August and December) on the last Wednesday at the Marriott Hotel (Berlinerstr 93 in North Schwabing). Registration starts at 1830 with the meeting commencing at 1900. After announcements on club events and the Guest Speaker’s presentation and ensuing Q&A, we move to a buffet dinner around 2030 and lots of networking opportunities. The meeting cost is Eur 25 for AGBC members and Eur 35 for Guests. These funds are used to pay the Marriott for the meeting room, buffet and two drinks per attendee.  At the AGBC, attendees are invited to attend up to 2 meetings as Guests. Afterwards we ask that they join the club. Our annual membership fees are modest at Eur 75.00.   

      I look forward to catching up with you at an upcoming GABA event or an AGBC event.  

      Best regards,

      Larry Schulz
      Member, GABA Munich Chapter
      President, Munich Chapter
      American German Business Club e.V. (AGBC)
      Poschinger Strasse 9
      D-81679 Munich, Germany
      Phone: 0049-89-985-984
      FAX: 0049-89-9810-9488
      Cell-Phone: 0049-172-811-3072
      E-mail: lschulzl@... (note: 3 l's in lschulzl)