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  • lschulzl
    Jul 27 12:44 AM
      Over the past 12 months, I have been inviting you as fellow members of the Munich Chapter of the German American Business Association to the monthly events hosted by our Munich Chapter of the American-German Business Club (AGBC).   As we enter the Sommerpause, our next events will start in September with our Fall Kick-Off on Tuesday, 10th September at Cohen’s Restaurant, Theresienstr. 31, 80333 München in Maxvorstadt. 
      This will be followed by our regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, 25th September at the Marriott Hotel, (Berlinerstr 93 in North Schwabing) and then by AGBC Goes to Oktoberfest on 6th October, the last day of this year’s Oktoberfest celebration. 
      I am including the July AGBC Monthly newsletter below – it has further details on the above events and on our further upcoming activities.  If you are interested in receiving this newsletter each month (except for August), please send me an E-mail and I can set you up on the distribution list.  You will then receive an E-mail from our newsletter software, Vertical Response.  Just click on that E-mail to confirm.     
      If you are interested in joining us for any of our meetings, please be sure to register in the Events tool at www.agbc.de. This appears in the Munich Chapter section on the right side. The first time you use the tool, you will need to Register (i.e. your E-mail address and set up a password), then Login to sign up for the event. Should you have an emerging timing conflict, you can easily remove your sign up as explained in the tool. Signups are very important for our planning purposes. 
      As mentioned in recent AGBC E-mails, our Munich Chapter of the AGBC meets monthly (excluding July, August and December) on the last Wednesday at the Marriott Hotel (Berlinerstr 93 in North Schwabing). Registration starts at 1830 with the meeting commencing at 1900. After announcements on club events and the Guest Speaker’s presentation and ensuing Q&A, we move to a buffet dinner around 2030 and lots of networking opportunities. The meeting cost is Eur 25 for AGBC members and Eur 35 for Guests. These funds are used to pay the Marriott for the meeting room, buffet and two drinks per attendee.  At the AGBC, attendees are invited to attend up to 2 meetings as Guests. Afterwards we ask that they join the club. Our annual membership fees are modest at Eur 75.00.   
      Also if anyone is interested in Munich Network's 7th Munich Cleantech Conference on Tuesday, 22 Oct, please get in touch with me (lschulzl@...) for details. 

      Enjoy the Sommerpause.  I look forward to catching up with you all in September.

      Best regards,

      Larry Schulz
      Member, Munich Chapter
      German American Business Association (GABA) and
      President, Munich Chapter
      American-German Business Club e.V. (AGBC)

      Poschinger Strasse 9
      D-81679 Munich, Germany
      Phone: 0049-89-985-984
      FAX: 0049-89-9810-9488
      Cell-Phone: 0049-172-811-3072
      E-mail: lschulzl@... (note: 3 l's in lschulzl)

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      Subject: July Newsletter: No Monthly Meeting

      July 16, 2013
      logo AGBCNext Monthly Meeting: Sept 25th
      featuring Ulrike Reisach
      July 2013

      Movers and Shakers

      Dr. Costin Marinescu has opened a new dental practice located at Brienner Str. 7 in Munich. For more information or to learn about American dentistry, visit his website at: http://www.drcostin.com/

      What's new with you? Did you get a new job? Start a new business? Win an award? Email sarah.antor@... with a tweet-sized update (140 characters) and we will gladly publish it in the next newsletter!

      Larry Face Letter from the President


      Before we fall fade into the sunset for our Sommerpause, hopefully one filled with outdoor activities and vacations, I would like to quickly update you on some AGBC developments and upcoming autumn 2013 events.

      As I mentioned last month, our May Monthly Meeting Speaker, Joachim Günster (“Sales XXL – The Ultimate Selling Method”), has completed his ebook, Sebastian und die beste Verkaufsmethode der Welt (in German). It is now available in an iPhone version as well as the iPad and Android versions. It‘s a free download at http://stories4success.wordpress.com.

      We held our 8th Annual AGBC Exchange on Saturday, June 22nd.   Our focus was on entrepreneurialism with special emphasis on human resources, business development, business advances and technology. After highly informative presentations by eight AGBC members/teams, Locke McKenzie, our VP of Education, led us on a Bier-tasting round, featuring German specialty beers that one rarely finds in the local Getränkemärkten. After our luncheon buffet, Dieter Mürnseer led the Members’ Meeting discussion on the Business Boost proposal.

      On Wednesday, June 26th, Sascha Liebhardt, Dean of the European University in Munich, led a discussion on Entrepreneurialism, capping off the discussion from the AGBC Exchange. To survive and thrive in today’s business world, one needs to focus increasingly on being an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur. 

      On Sunday, 7th July, our AGBC members joined with approximately 300 members of 12 other Munich Area networking groups and US Consul General Bill Moeller to celebrate U.S. Independence Day at the Waldwirtschaft Biergarten in Grosshesselohe. At the end of the afternoon we had another tie for the 2013 AGBC Mini-Golf Tournament with Chris Cougler and Randy Caldwell storming to the finish to win the “stunning” trophy. Now they can “enjoy” sharing the trophy for the next 12 months.   

      And please remember that this year’s American Citizens Information Day and Passport Day at the American Consulate General will take place on 20th July 2013 10 AM – 3 PM.

      We resume our regular activities on Tuesday, 10th September with our Fall 2013 Kick-Off event at Cohen’s Restaurant, Theresienstrasse 31 in Maxvorstadt.  Details appear below. 

      Due to popular demand, we will again have a flip chart available at the registration desk during our monthly meetings to enable people to post any special networking needs or interests for discussion during the meeting or afterwards during networking and dining.   

      Starting 2014, the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) process will “go live.” SEPA will simplify the way that we all process wire transfers and direct debits. During the next couple of months, we will contacting Members using direct debits to pay their annual Membership Fees.  We will need your IBAN and BIC information.

      Monthly meetings will start back on the 25th of September with Prof. Ulrike Reisach of the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences, who will lead a discussion on German and American differences in knowledge transfer and communications techniques. 

      Please save the post-summer date of Sunday, October 6th - for “AGBC Returns to Oktoberfest” from 11 AM to 4 PM in the Schottenhamel tent.  As in past years, this is a pay-in-advance event. Details appear below.

      Finally, I want to mention an event for Americans and their spouses living in Munich. On Tuesday, September 3rd, the Munich International Women’s Club (member of MING) will host a seminar on “Tax, Finances and Banking for American Living Overseas.” Details appear below in this newsletter.

      Before closing and as mentioned in the “Movers and Shakers” section of this newsletter, I would like to congratulate AGBC member Dr. Costin Marinescu on the opening of his new dental practice here in Munich.  

      Due to vacations, we will not have an August edition of the newsletter.

      Have a great summer and let’s catch up at the start of September.  

      All the best,

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      Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) - Direct Debits/Lastschriften
      Starting in January 2014, the Single Euro Payments Area (“SEPA”) process will “go live.” SEPA will simplify the way that we all process wire transfers and direct debits. This payment-integration initiative by the EU will simplify use of Euro-based bank transfers and provides many improvement opportunities that will benefit consumers, businesses, and merchants who live and operate in the EU. We would like to be early movers on the SEPA set up for our Munich Chapter needs.

      In order to ensure the ongoing smooth processing for those of you using direct debits for paying your annual Munich Chapter AGBC membership fees, one of our Board Members will be contacting you for the needed information (e.g. IBAN and BIC numbers). We will then update our banking software to assure a smooth SEPA transition. 

      AGBC Newsletter Advertising Opportunities

      The Munich Chapter of the AGBC offers advertising opportunities to its members each month through its newsletter. Members of the AGBC may advertise their business in the monthly newsletter in three ways:

      Option A: Top Location! Advertise your business directly beneath the President's Letter. For 25 Euro, you can have a large, not-to-be-missed graphic and/or text of your business.

      Option B: Highly Visible yet Economical location! Advertise your business with a small graphic  and/or text on the left column that runs alongside the newsletter. For 10 Euro per month, or 100 Euro for the year, members won't miss your ad as they read through the newsletter.

      Option C: Bigger is Better! Statistics say that often readers of a newsletter scan the top and bottom of the newsletter for important information. Advertise your business with a graphic and/or text as big as you like, at the very bottom of the newsletter for only 15 Euro.

      Interested? Questions? Email Sarah Antor, VP of Marketing and Advertising at sarah.antor@...

      Next Monthly Meeting – 
      Wednesday, 25th September 2013

      "Knowledge: How to Deal with it in American-German Businesses"
      As we return to our regular Monthly Meetings with our meeting on Wednesday, 25th of September at the Marriott Hotel in north Schwabing, Professor Ulrike Reisach will join us to discuss American-German differences in the treatment and communication of knowledge.

      The types of knowledge that are considered to be relevant for an organization can be quite diverse in different business cultures – even if they seem as close as the German and American one. They depend on convictions about what makes a good employee, expert, manager and leader. Additionally, they depend on motivational and interactional processes between the persons involved and their respective professional and cultural backgrounds, acquired through socialization and long-term practice. Knowledge Management and Transfer therefore have to be designed in a culturally sensitive way to make sure that knowledge which is crucial for a company is effectively preserved. Based on her management experience, Professor Ulrike Reisach will show how you can make sure that expert knowledge is successfully identified and passed on.
      Ulrike Reisach PhD, Professor at the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences, Bavaria/Germany, is an expert on communication and management strategies for leading international companies. For 20 years, she has been responsible for corporate communications and international strategy development in banking and industry, last as Director of Siemens Corporate Communication and Government Affairs. She has published 10 books on international management and communication as well as corporate culture and HR management.

      Save-the-Date: AGBC 2013 Fall Kick Off !
      ***    Tuesday September 10, 2013  ***

      cohens      On Tuesday, September 10th, we will stage our AGBC Fall 2013 Kick-Off Event at Cohen’s Restaurant, Theresienstr. 31, 80333 München (www.cohens.de, E-Mail contact@..., Telephone 089 280 9545). Starting at 1830 hours (6:30 PM), this is a great opportunity for our Members to introduce the AGBC to their friends, colleagues, business partners and members of other Munich Area groups in a casual atmosphere. The focus is on networking - Guests and Members can meet and discuss the many “topics of the day” and areas of mutual interest plus upcoming AGBC events.  

      The cost is Eur 25 per person, payable at the door. This covers one drink and one main dinner plate (meat, fish or vegetarian). Additional food and beverages can be purchased on a “pay what you consume” basis. We do ask that you please sign up in the Events section of our AGBC website: www.agbc.de so that we can assure adequate seating and food.    

      Cohen’s restaurant is located in a quiet courtyard in the Maxvorstadt (Munich), in the immediate vicinity of the Museum district (i.e. the Alte and the Neue Pinakothek, the Pinakothek der Moderne as well as the Brandhorst collection). The restaurant can best reached by public transport. The underground lines U3 and U6 (station “Universität”) as well as the tram line 27 (stop “Pinakothek”) and the bus 100 (stop “Brandhorst”) are only a few minutes’ walk away.

      AGBC Business Boost Update 

      logo AGBC
      Increasing the Business Focus of our Club Activities
      Our members have been active in providing ideas on how we can increase the business-related benefits for our Chapter members. Indeed a number of proposals were discussed during the Members’ Meeting just after the AGBC Exchange event on 22nd June. Among these are: closer contact to mid-to-large size regional companies, an increase in transatlantic discussions with companies, an entrepreneurship approach in networking and professional development of members, closer interaction with the Munich community, and review of the AGBC’s vision in light of the constantly evolving business and cultural environments. After the Sommerpause, we will initiate a member-driven Action Phase, using small committees, in order to put some of these great ideas into practice. Keep your eye on this space for further information in the September newsletter.

      Dieter Mürnseer

      Save the Dates

      Saturday 20 July                        US Consulate-Munich Passport Day

      Tuesday 3 September              Tax, Finance and Banking Seminar
                                                              for Americans Living Overseas

      Tuesday 10 September           
      AGBC 2013 Fall Kick-Off at Cohen's

      Wednesday 25 September    
      AGBC September Monthly Meeting

      Sunday 6 October                     AGBC Goes to Oktoberfest 
                                                             Schottenhamel Zelt

      Upcoming Special Events

      AGBC Returns to Oktoberfest - 6th October

      The Munich Chapter returns to enjoy the fun at Oktoberfest.  We have 64 seats (8 tables) reserved in the Schottenhamel Zelt-Tent for Sunday, 6th October 2013 from 11AM through 4PM, the final day of Oktoberfest 2013. This will again be a “pay in advance” event based on a “first paid, first reserved” basis. The cost is Eur 40 for members and Eur 45 for our Guests. This includes a shared Bavarian platter for each table and ½ chicken and 2 Maß (liters) of Oktoberfest Bier for each attendee.

      Please register ASAP in the Events section on the AGBC National web-site: www.agbc.de.  

      1.  Each Member may reserve up to two seats. Please be sure to register. If you need to reserve for a Guest, you can send Larry Schulz an E-mail at lschulzl@... (note the 3 l’s in lschulzl) or sign up in the Events section of the homepage at the AGBC web-site - www.agbc.de

      2. Food vouchers must be pre-paid and your reservation is only valid once your payment arrives. Thus:  “first paid, first reserved.”

      3.  The vouchers are available at the start of September. They can be picked up at the AGBC Kick-off on September 10th (Cohen’s Restaurant) and at the Monthly Meeting on Sept 25th (Marriott Hotel).

      4. Please make your payment to the AGBC Bank Account at the Münchner Bank, Account Nr: 1089595, BLZ: 70190000. State your last name, number of tickets being purchased and "Oktoberfest 2013". (i.e.: J. Doe, 1 Member, 1 Guest, Oktoberfest 2013, EURO 85.00 payment).

      Conditions of Cancellation:  Your registration is considered binding once we have received payment. We are unable to return pre-payments for “no-shows.”

      American Citizens Information & Passport Day at the 
      U.S. Consulate General Munich on 20 July 10:00 - 15:00

      Again this year, the American Consulate General Munich will host an American Citizens Information and Passport Day on the lawn of the American Consulate General on July 20, 2013 10:00 am – 3:00 pm (public will be admitted through 2:00 p.m.) for Americans living in Bavaria. 

      During the event the US citizens will be able to find out more about the various services available to American citizens through the US and German government in Germany and apply for the renewal of passports. In addition, there will be ample opportunities to network with the other attendees.  

      The Munich Chapter of the AGBC will be present to help answer questions, provide information and provide details on chapter membership to interested attendees.

      Tax, Finance & Banking Seminar for Americans Overseas 
      Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

      Michael Bundz Tax Manager, US Tax & Financial Services Sàrl, will discuss Tax, Finance and Banking considerations for Americans living abroad. This seminar is sponsored by the Munich International Women’s Club (MIWC, a major member of the MING – Munich International Networking Group) and presented as a public service to Americans residing in the Munich Area.

      As Americans living in Germany, many members of the Munich international community have become increasingly concerned in recent years regarding their taxes, finances and bank accounts. These issues also affect green card holders and family members who hold U.S. passports. In addition, non-American partners would like to know how best to handle tax and banking issues in some situations remaining separate from their partners. This presentation is a follow up to the Bank and Tax Seminar that MIWC hosted in October 2012, as requested at that meeting.    

      Some of the topics this seminar will cover include:
      •   What forms need to be filed?
      •   Under what conditions do Americans abroad owe taxes?
      •   Why are the German banks not giving Americans bank accounts  
           and loans anymore, and which banks are currently giving
           Americans accounts?
      •   When does financial information about a non-American spouse 
           need to be declared in the US?

      If you have any other questions or issues you would like addressed at this session, please notify Hope Moore at hope.moore@... by Friday, August 23rd as the MIWC would like to tailor this presentation to the audience.   

      18:30 Reception
      19:00 – 20:00 presentation followed by Q&A Session
      The Peace Church, Frauenlobstraße 5 (U3/U6 Sendlinger Tor)

      Presenter Michael Bundz has over 8 years domestic and international tax experience at US Tax & Banking. Previously he worked for KPMG in the International Executive Services department, where he was responsible for the U.S. and worldwide tax affairs of mobile employees for major global companies. Michael has worked in New York, Berlin and in Zurich. He has agreed to speak to our club members and guests as we are FAWCO members of whom US Tax & Banking is a sponsor. 

      There will be a small donation of €5.00 requested to cover the expenses of this session. Members, family, friends and guests are welcome. If you would like to attend, please contact Hope Moore hope.moore@...  by Friday, August 30th.

      Did You Know?

      One of our members recently asked how we finance our monthly meetings.  At each meeting the Marriott receives Eur 25 per attendee for the buffet and one drink plus a fixed fee for the meeting room and the equipment issued.  The fixed fee is covered by our annual Membership fees plus the additional Eur 10 that we charge our Guests.

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      Movers and Shakers
      Letter from the President
      Chapter Information
      Next Monthly Meeting
      2013 AGBC Fall Kick-Off
      Business Boost Update
      Save the Dates
      Did You Know?

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