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  • Dorian Dowdy
    Jul 8, 2013
      California Association of Germany an GABA



      Dear Friends,

      I just want to thank everyone who came yesterday to the Waldwirtschaft in Grosshesselohe to celebrate the Little American Oktoberfest and Independence Day with all the MING Groups and other guests.  I imagine that during the entire day we had close to 300 people out there, and most of them gave their thanks for an enjoying day.

      It was a great day of good weather, good food, good conversation and good times. Many thanks to our hosts, Tina and Sepp Krätz and the entire WaWi team for the organization and making this possible.  I also want to thank the US General Consul, Bill Moeller for his visit and for his beer-tapping expertise.

      I told him previously that Munich is probably the only place in the world where government leaders are measured by their ability to tap into a keg of beer. Bill only needed two strikes to tap into the keg that Sepp Krätz presented.  This means that Bill has earned the right to remain another year in Munich until next July when he will again have prove his mettle.

      Since the big guy upstairs is still being kind to us this week with good weather, I wish everyone a good start into the week.

      Best regards,


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