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967California Association of Germany an GABA

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  • Dorian Dowdy
    Apr 9, 2013
      California Association of Germany an GABA

      Latest Update:

      Dear Friends,

      I have received an important message. The Hippodrom has received additional requests from other groups for seating reservations for the 26th of April.  For this reason I have to give them our final numbers already on the 19th of April.  Anyone who wants to attend but has not reserved yet, I now ask you to do so as soon as possible. Time is getting short, so please let me know no later than the 19th.

      I am very happy to announce a new group joining us for the party.

      Globe Business College, Munich

      Best regards,

      Dave Dowdy





      Dear Friends,

      I would like to announce the addition of 4 new groups joining us for the Bavarian - American Friendship Day on 26th of April at the Hippodrom tent, Frühlingsfest.

      Members and friends of the US Consulate General

      The Munich International Ski Club

      English Events in Munich

      Alumni of the University of Southern California (USC)

      If you have not signed up yet, please do so as soon as possible and let me know you are attending. We still have room, but seats are going fast.  Please pass this email along to anyone you know, who may be interested in joining us. 

      Many thanks again to Tina and Sepp Krätz for making this big event possible.

      Best regards,

      Dave Dowdy




      Bavarian - American Friendship Day

      Dear Friends,

      For certain big events during the year 12 different German-American groups have decided to join forces under a new umbrella called MING (Munich International Networking Groups). With this new possibility members in each group can now reach-out and network with all the other groups within our new MING organization. We are very happy and proud that this is now possible.

      The following groups now comprise MING:

      Amerikahaus Verein (AHV)

      American Association of University and Professional Women (AAUPW)

      American-German Business Club (AGBC)

      California Association of Germany (CAOG)

      Columbus Kommunikationkreis

      Democrats Abroad Group (DAG)

      Deutsch-Amerikanischer Frauenclub (DAFC)

      Deutsch-Amerikanischer Herrenclub (DAHC)

      Friends of Linda Jo Rizzo

      German-American Business Association (GABA Caliornia)

      Munich International Women's Club (MIWC)

      Thunderbird Alumni Group (T-Birds)

      Our first MING event will be the Bavarian - American Friendship Day being held this year during Munich's Frühlingsfest at the Theresienwiese.  On 26th of April we will be celebrating Bavarian-American friendship at the Hippodrom tent. Our hosts, Tina and Sepp Krätz, cordially invite all of us to this year's celebration, which we will now be enjoying for the third time- a new tradition in Munich. 

      On the 26th of April tables will be reserved for us beginning 6 p.m. in the Hippodrom tent.  Each table will be specially decorated for us, and everyone attending will get a free pretzel as a welcome present from the Family Krätz. Also, their famous hamburgers made from Kobe-beef will be offered at a special reduced price just for us.  I have never tasted a hamburger as good as these. Beginning around 8 p.m. Linda Jo Rizzo will be performing a special show for us, and it is always wonderful to hear her singing rock, pop and soul.  She is truly a fabulous entertainer. Around 10 p.m. there will be a display of fireworks on the Frühlingsfest grounds. We cordially invite everyone to come dressed in Bavaria-look. We don't have very many occasions in Munich to dress-up in Tracht, and this is one of them. Please ensure that you arrive no later than 7 p.m.  After 7 p.m. any remaining empty seats will be lost. There will be no cover charge nor any advance payment for this evening.  Everyone pays for food and drink on a pay-as-you-go basis. 

      I will get as many seats as we need.  It is very important to let me know by return email if you are intending to come and how many people will be in your party. I need to know how many are coming so I can give final attendance numbers to Tina and Sepp Krätz.

      That is all for now.  I will keep updating as time progresses to the 26th of April.

      Best regards,

      Dave Dowdy





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