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1004CHANGE OF VENUE (!) - GABA (re) launch event on February 17 with exciting speakers

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  • Joerg Sperling
    Feb 6, 2014

      Hello GABA Munich!


      We had some issues with the venue and will now be meeting at a private residence.

      In order to avoid a “Facebook party disasters”, …. In case you wish to come,

      please send me an e-mail (joerg@...) and I will send you details.


      Everything else remains:


      Please come and join us for the GABA (re) launch event on February 17 (at 19.00) with exciting speakers.


      Topic of the evening is the German Silicon Valley Accelerator (http://germanaccelerator.com/) which you have probably heard of.


      Speakers will be:

      Andy Goldstein

      Andy Goldstein is currently Executive Director at the LMU Entrepreneurship Center and member of the steering committee of the German Silicon Valley Accelerator


      …. and


      Arash Houshmand, CEO of Contigua , www.contigua.de

      Arash and his company are about to participate in the program. So the plan is to have him speak to us before (Feb 17) and again after his visit to the Valley to compare notes.


      So please mark the date and let me know if you can make it! Please send your response to joerg@... and NOT a reply to the mailing from the Yahoo-list.



      Oh, and since we are meeting at a private residence …. feel free to bring a wine, six-pack, or chips …


      best regards / mit freundlichen Grüßen,


      Jörg "George" Sperling


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