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  • Michael Canaday
    Well, if I had $500,000 I wanted to blow, I know what I d buy! http://www.armyjeeps.net/M4-1103/index.htm. I don t know where they got the description and
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 3, 2011
      Well,  if I had $500,000 I wanted to blow, I know what I'd buy! http://www.armyjeeps.net/M4-1103/index.htm.

      I don't know where they got the description and info for the composite.


      The M4 was one of the most commonly produced tanks of WWII.  However, this one is rare because it is a composite hull, which means the front is cast and the rear is welded.  As you can see by the pictures.  The tank was produced on 6/1942 at the Chrysler factory in Detroit, MI.  Many people maintain that since there is only approximately 10 of these in existence, it is one of the rarest Sherman’s built, next to the Jumbo Sherman.  We do not have production numbers of this particular tank in that we don’t know that they exist.  This M4 has been completely restored inside and out with all original NOS equipment , it starts good , runs good and looks great. come take a ride .

      only 10 built? Of all the M4 75mm sub variants built that was the second largest block; 1676 built! Only ALCO built more.

      Mike Canaday

      On Sat, Dec 3, 2011 at 12:40 PM, <electbud@...> wrote:

      Dave Uhrig's site is a good place to find vehicles.
      Right now,  he has two Sherman's listed.....located in the USA.  (Forget trying to import one, it's virtually impossible.  Plus, they are now selling for the same prices overseas).
      The Shermans listed for sale now are priced at $325,000,  and $465,000, respectively. Given the details of the vehicles listed,  that seems to represent market pricing.  Hope you've got a BIG Trust Fund behind you !

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