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Re: [G104] Searching for some Sherman Manual pages

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  • rrunnersb@aol.com
    Please reply off line to rrunnersb@aol.com as i own a M4A176ME8 and probably provide some detailed color pictures. Jim ... From: tankmodeler
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 4, 2011
      Please reply off line to rrunnersb@...  as i own a M4A176ME8 and probably provide some detailed color pictures. Jim

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      Subject: Re: [G104] Searching for some Sherman Manual pages

      First off, TM 9-731B is for the M4A2 and not the M4A1, and the page you quote is for the earlier 1942 edition of the manual of the plain 75mm M4A2, so the fire extinguisher installations may not be the same as the later M2A2E8 with the different interior stowage of the 76mm tanks. Beware!
      I do have the TM 9-731A for the M4 & M4A1, but this manual is also for the early M4A1s and was printed in 1942. It does not have an equivalent to the Fig 20 of the 731B manual. Your figure 24-1, if it is from an M4A1 manual, is from a later edition. It also might be from a shop overhaul manual and also may not be from an M4A1 at all.
      Not much help, I know, but it's all I have.   :)

      Paul Roberts

      From: JOHN HUTTERER <jhutt7107@...>
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      Sent: Tue, February 22, 2011 9:55:15 PM
      Subject: [G104] Searching for some Sherman Manual pages

      Hello All,
      I don't often post to this forum, but I am in need of some information and I hope that the members can help me out. We are in the process of restoring an M4A1E8 Sherman at the Fort Snelling Military Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. This is a project that has been in process for about 5 or 6 years. We only work one weekend per month, and other activities have sometimes taken precedence. The fire suppression system was removed from the tank several years ago, and the person who removed it is no longer active in our volunteer group. Another Volunteer is now working on the project and he is about ready to start re-installing the fire suppression equipment. He was not involved in removing the components and he is uncertain about where some of the pieces go.
      We have one page of a document that is labeled FIGURE 24-1 - FIXED FIRE EXTINGUISHER -  INSTALLATION. That page also has the note RA PD 335350 below the illustration and the page number 314. The illustration is a diagram of the components of the suppression system, and each component is marked with a letter designator, but no corresponding key or list. The photo-copy of the page that we have is not complete. There is obviously more to the diagram, but it fades off of the page due to the poor quality of the copy. There is no indication as to what TM this page came from.

      We have a photo-copy of one more page. It is page 83 of TM9-731B. It shows FIGURE 20 - FIXED FIRE EXTINGUISHER AND CONTROLS. The illustration is labeled RA PD 36320. The photo on the page simply shows the two fire bottles and some of the plumbing that is connected directly to them.
      I am hoping that someone from this group will have a document that shows the complete layout of the fire suppression system, along with a listing of all of the components. If so, I would very much appreciate a copy of the relevant pages.
      Thanks for your help,
      John Hutterer
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