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Re: [G104] Re: M60 In Rosenberg, Texas

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    Yes, the photos are yours to use.  The coordinates are 29 degrees 31 .36.68 N and 95 degrees 48 19.98 W You ll find it not far from the crossroad
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      Yes, the photos are yours to use. 
      The coordinates are 29 degrees 31'.36.68" N and 95 degrees 48' 19.98" W
      You'll find it not far from the crossroad intersection of Hwy 59 and Hwy 36.  Drive south about 1/4 mile and make a left into the Armory driveway.  The tank sits dead ahead in front of the building.  There are other vehicles parked behind the Armory.
      There is also a 105 Howitzer at the VFW located 1 mile north on Hwy 36 at Walger Ave and Hwy 36.
      In about 1949/50, there was a Sherman at the old Armory in Rosenberg on 529 at junction of Hwy 36/90/90a and Spur 529 (old Hwy 59).  I had forgotten about that Sherman until just now.  When we drove 7 miles into town, we passed the tank.  One day Daddy stopped.  He climbed inside but I was only allowed to look inside.  I will ask around for photos of that tank.  It was also used as an exibit at the Fort Bend County Fair and I do believe they drove it along the parade route.  Time to do some checking.  Wish I had asked more questions when I was young...
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      Additionally, do you have an address and GPS for the armory? I cant
      find it on Google Maps...


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      > Billy
      > May I use your pictures for the register.
      > Any chance on a serialnumber or registration for that M60.
      > Michel
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      > wrote:
      > >
      > > I took a few photos and posted some of them here. I was told that
      > the
      > > Armory in Rosenberg borrowed the tank from Camp Mabry in Austin,
      > Texas
      > > so you probably already have it in the register/locator.
      > > Billy
      > >

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