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Re: [G104] M4A3(75) going overseas & ammo stowage

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  • Joe DeMarco
    Carl, back in July of 2006, Robert posted some pix of that tank... http://stampedout.net/wmw/armor/m4_fdl.html You can see the US Ordnance Serial Number is
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      Carl, back in July of 2006, Robert posted some pix of that tank...


      You can see the US Ordnance Serial Number is 11944. It would have been assembled by Ford at their plant in Highland Park, Michigan in April, 1943. If it still has USA 8054099 painted on the rear sides, all you have to do is change the 8 to a 3 to get the proper USA Number that was assigned. I don't have any historical documentation about S/N 11944. Most likely it was used by units in training in the US. With all the mods it has on it, it was probably remanufactured during WW II by Montreal Locomotive or one of the Tank Depots, & again at some point postwar. The unmodified M34 gun mount is kinda curious. The simulator barrel attached to the 75mm looks exactly like one that used to be mounted on the M4A3(76) on the Parade Ground at Ft. Knox. Can't say about the PA system, but perhaps it was used as an Army ceremony or demonstration tank? If the new owner would want to do it up as a British Sherman, they did receive 7 Ford-built M4A3(75)s, which I assume they used for testing. You can see T-150734 at the top left of page 298 of Hunnicutt's "Sherman." It's one of the few cases where Mr. H. mis-identified a Sherman.

      Carl, do you know the guys who welded the 2 Sherman hulls together on the show that was on the Military Channel? They didn't seem to be aware that it was a pair of Canadian-built Grizzlies. Some of us like to record the serial numbers of surviving Shermans, if the owners don't mind. They have a certain amount of research value. Those gents could probably find the number stamped just under the G in a shield logo on the front of the one that survived the operation.

      >or did they just lower the amount to 85 rounds?

      That appears to be the case, Dan, & the guys in the field complained about it. One doc mentioned replacing the ammo box on the sponson behind the driver with a ration box that was stored behind the 30 round ammo box. A new ammo box containing 23 rounds was to be store there. I don't think this was ever implemented, possibly because it would have been too difficult to access these rounds. Replacing the box that way would have obviated the need for the left side applique patch. FSMWO G104-W81 is listed as the doc pertaining to the procedure, but I never located a copy. Anyone? Owners with side applique armor such as S/N 11944 has might be able to provide insight as to ammo layout & number of rounds stored in their tanks. The Grizzlies would be good examples, since all of them would have been factory built with the so called "Quick Fix" mod. Mike Green has a photo of the ammo box on the left sponson on page 78 of his "M4 Sherman at War" book. It has double doors for access by either the loader or the driver. I believe that was taken in the MVTF Grizzly.



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