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  • Paul Carrier
    For any interested paries. Applogies if you get this twice They leave out the bit about some of the vehicles to be on display M41 Walker Buldog M42 Duster M3
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      For any interested paries. Applogies if you get this twice
      They leave out the bit about some of the vehicles to be on display
      M41 Walker Buldog
      M42 Duster
      M3 Stewart
      M4 Sherman
      M7 Priest
      M60A3 (a runner, don't know if they plan on driving it that day)
      M1A1 Abrams Will move a bit during the day, very early and at the end of the
      day when I put it away. Hopefulling I will make a pass or two on the test
      track we have on post..)

      Press release from: Oregon National Guard

      CLACKAMAS, Ore. - May 14, 2005 -- Paying tribute to the service of American
      veterans and giving the public a fun yet realistic glimpse of historic Army
      life is what Living History Day is all about. From military bicycles to
      battle tanks, from Liberty Trucks to amphibious "DUKWs," families can enjoy
      a full day of the sights, sounds and smells of America's military past.

      Authentic military campsites from the American Revolution to present day,
      museum artifacts, arms, equipment, ordnance, uniforms, and restored military
      vehicles can be viewed. Visitors will meet re-enactors, living history
      enthusiasts and military vehicle collectors who are ready to share their
      expertise and knowledge about America's military past. Included are an
      outdoor swap meet, (space is free to vendors), and a fly-over of a military
      aircraft. Food and beverages will be available for purchase.

      "The Museum offers an unforgettable experience for visitors at our Living
      History Day," said COL Don Bond, Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations. "Each
      year, the event grows bigger and better. Families get a chance to
      appreciate the freedoms won by our service men and women by seeing how they
      worked and lived."

      Sponsored by the Oregon Military Museum and the Military Vehicle Collectors
      Club of Oregon, the Eighth Annual Living History Day is a FREE public event
      on Saturday May 14th, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. It is held at the Oregon
      Military Museum, Camp Withycombe, 10101 SE Clackamas Road, Clackamas, Oregon

      Driving directions: Camp Withycombe is just off of Interstate 205. Take
      Exit 12, the Clackamas/Estacada exit for Highway 212/224. Head east for
      half a mile. Turn left at the stop light onto SE 102nd Ave. Go one block.
      Turn right into Camp Withycombe. A valid driver's license is required to
      drive into the Camp.

      CONTACT: Steve Greenberg, Chairman, 8th Annual Living History Day,
      503-774-4103, sgreenb810@... or Tracy Buckley, Curator, Oregon Military
      Museum, 503-557-5359, tracy.buckley@....

      The award-winning Oregon Military Museum was established in 1975 by the
      Oregon Military Department as the state's official military history
      repository. We honor, preserve and showcase this remarkable history through
      exhibits, outreach and educational programs, an Annual Living History Day
      event, and through outstanding artifact, library and archive collections.
      Free to the public, the Museum is open 9 to 5 Fridays and Saturdays, and
      other times by appointment. Membership is just $10.00 a year.

      The Military Vehicle Collectors Club of Oregon is dedicated to the
      collections, restoration, preservation and enjoyment of military vehicles
      and related equipment. Monthly meetings are held at Camp Withycombe, and
      members participate in parades and community events throughout each year.
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