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Re: [G104] Re: T23 turrets, cast hulls & HVSS...

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  • Kurt Laughlin
    ... From: Joseph DeMarco ... Interestingly, looking at H s Pershing book, I don t see a turret with the loader s hatch set an an angle like that. Looks to be
    Message 1 of 20 , Apr 6, 2004
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      From: Joseph DeMarco

      >The turret that was mounted on "3rd Blitz" (Hunnicutt page 218)
      >didn't have the ventilator bulge, but had a vent on the roof.
      >This is probably about as close as they came to "T23" turret
      >with a split circular & oval loader combination."

      Interestingly, looking at H's Pershing book, I don't see a turret with the
      loader's hatch set an an angle like that. Looks to be a unique one for
      those E-series M4s. I also found this passage:

      " The welded turret for [the M62] mount was redesigned as a cast turret and
      the bulge contour at the rear changed to improve the balance and permit its
      use on the M4 series as well. The change was necessary to clear the
      driver's hatches on the M4 tanks. When mounted on the M4 series, it was
      also necessary to provide a ventilating fan at the rear of the turret, since
      those vehicles were not equipped with a hull mounted rotoclone blower. This
      was the turret adopted for the production T23 tanks with the T80 mount
      standardized as the M62."

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