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Re: [G104] Israeli Sherman in Alberta?

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  • Hanno Spoelstra
    ... Alberta ... Alberta. ... Hi guys, There are two M50 s in Alberta, Canada. No.1 is owned by Ron Schumacher - read more about its serials here:
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 18, 2003
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      At 11:48 18-10-2003 -0400, Joseph DeMarco wrote:
      >>There's an old(er) article in an issue of AFV News detailing a fellow in
      >>who pruchased an Israeli Sherman out of the States a few years back.
      >>Maybe this was donated to the Legion? Just a guess.
      >I was thinking the same thing.
      >It's odd that one would end up in front of a local Legion Hall in Olds,
      >On the Sherman Register "Table of known serial numbers," there is a listing
      >S/N 18204 M4A4 Chrysler M50 Mk.II IDF# 157605 [or] 157609,
      >private owner, Alberta, CDN

      Hi guys,

      There are two M50's in Alberta, Canada.

      "No.1" is owned by Ron Schumacher - read more about its serials here:

      Re. "no.2", the late Bart Vanderveen once sent me a newspaper clipping about
      the M50 at Olds, Alberta. A veterans organisation bought the Israeli Sherman
      from a US HMV dealer. They knew it was a post-war conversion, but being
      based on an M4A4, it could have been used by a Canadian unit. They liked the
      idea that a Canadian Sherman could have soldiered on for so many years after

      Hope this helps,
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