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Re: 40-45 Museum, Arnhem

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  • Dag Sundkuist
    ... Fra: Royall, Tim Til: G104@onelist.com Dato: 5. juli 1999 12:59 Emne: [G104] 40-45 Museum, Arnhem ...
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 5, 1999
      -----Opprinnelig melding-----
      Fra: Royall, Tim <Tim.Royall@...-it.com>
      Til: 'G104@onelist.com' <G104@onelist.com>
      Dato: 5. juli 1999 12:59
      Emne: [G104] 40-45 Museum, Arnhem

      >From: "Royall, Tim" <Tim.Royall@...-it.com>
      >Following my last post I forgot something "Sherman"!
      >In the 1950's, an Hanno can probably give the full story, a number of
      >Rams and Sherman Fireflys were stripped of their running gear and dug in
      >in an extended line in the north of Holland to act as a form of defence
      >line during the cold war. Engine compartments were also stripped and
      >these formed a sort of access tunnel for the crews once dug in. A number
      >of Fireflys were grouped around a Ram CP. Recently a number were dug up
      >and the museum is acquiring one with the idea that it will be completely
      >accessible and allow people to get in it to get a feel of being in a
      >Some photos were in the Dutch press last year and a Ram was shown in
      >Wheels and Tracks some time ago.

      Hello Tim ,

      Thanks for the Sherman info , sometimes the AFV enthusiasts and the fortifcations
      enthusiasts meets - - - . The use of old tank turrets / including the use whole tank dug
      in / concrete in is interesting area . There is a some fortification links on these Sherman
      Firefly / Ram post- war turrets used by the Dutch to defend the dams in the Issjel - line .
      There are two good Dutch books on the of this topic . But Hanno have more details .

      Dag S

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