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Re: [G104] New serial location

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  • Kurt Laughlin
    ... From: Joseph DeMarco ... by Fisher. ... housing. ... production. ... up to 1781. ... I ve been trying to find a Sherman Mil-spec
    Message 1 of 5 , May 31, 2003
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      From: "Joseph DeMarco" <snick1@...>

      > As a build number, 1781 doesn't have an exact mathematical correlation,
      > but it is at least in the ballpark.
      > Adding it up, it looks like S/N 8887 would have been the 1777th M4A2 built
      by Fisher.
      > Fisher Production hull #110 was submitted to APG for ballistic tests.
      > It was just the upper & lower hull, no turret, no suspension, no diff.
      > Judging by the damage, it couldn't have been patched up & put back into
      > Assuming a few rejects and/or a few more ballistic tests, would bring you
      up to 1781.
      > Anyway, something else to keep an eye out for.

      I've been trying to find a Sherman Mil-spec (yes, there was one), or a
      war-time armor weldment/casting spec or hull drawing. It would likely say
      what acceptance testing was required, including how many were destructively
      tested. My best guess now, based on current practice and some scraps of
      wartime info, is that large castings like turrets and hulls were
      ballistically tested on a sample basis, while armor plates were tested in
      the as-rolled form. Welds were likely ballistically tested in mock-up form
      with an occaisional full-up destructive test.

      Speaking of build numbers, I'm pretty certain the carved-up Sherman in
      Wibrin, Belgium, is an M4 (as reported in the BoB Then and Now) rather than
      an M4A3 as reported on the Ardennes 44 website and painted inside the hull.
      It has the modified direct-vision driver's hoods. I doubt that any
      remanufactured Ford M4A3s were in combat in the ETO during the BoB. Plus,
      it doesn't have the prominent build number on the left hull nor hull serial
      stampings that are virtual ID features for Ford M4A3s in their own right.
      Unfortunately, they had already hacked out the loader's periscope, so I
      couldn't get the turret acceptance dates, which would have been nice to have
      considering it had a welded pistol port.

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