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GEOFFREY STOCKS was:21 Army Group Sherman losses

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  • Kees Huyser
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 19, 2002
      At 08:48 +0100 19-08-2002, ASK OXFORD wrote:
      >From: ASK OXFORD <askoxford@...>
      >Subject: GEOFFREY STOCKS
      >Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 08:48:41 +0100
      >I am sorry to report that I have not been able to
      >discover any information about the term 'Geoffrey
      >stocks'. We have no reference to the term in any of
      >our files or databases.
      >You might be able to find out more by contacting the
      >Imperial War Museum in London.
      >I have copied your message to our files, in case we
      >should come across further evidence for the term, as
      >the reference you quote will be very helpful to us if we
      >need to draft an entry for the dictionary.
      >Thank you for bringing the word to our attention.
      >Juliet E. A. Field (Mrs)
      >Senior Assistant Editor
      >Oxford English Dictionary
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