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Sherman pics online

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    Hello everyone. New to this list, although have been e-mailing Hanno Spoelstra for some time now. As Hanno knows, I am a military/World War II history nut
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 1999
      Hello everyone. New to this list, although have been e-mailing Hanno Spoelstra for some time now. As Hanno knows, I am a military/World War II history 'nut' and also a publisher of much material on same, especially WWII.

      Recently I started a web site, naturally mainly for my book publishing/selling, but have also included a section called Military Photo Archives. Some years back (more than I care to remember!) I had started selling glossy reprints of WWII photos, and later acquired the old Photo File collection (mainly copy negs shot from a lot of old German WWII mags and books, including much of the Signal color stuff--quality of the photos varies somewhat, but if the original magazine image was half-way decent, the print made from the copy neg was usually of very high quality--I've seen others who have copied Signal color material and then published it, and in many cases the quality of the stuff I have is far better). The MPA name was used for several years before I finally had to drop selling of such prints as it was just too time-consuming for so little return (at the time we were selling small prints, 3-1/2 x 5 inches, for 25 cents each!).

      Now, however, with color scanners and the web, I have started moving this material to computer and, eventually, to the MPA web site. There isn't too much there at the moment, as it's barely several weeks old and I do have other things to attend to (like earning money to fund the creation of the site--although the Xoom site is free, there is still a lot of time and work involved in this!).

      I did, however, just recently add some of the Sherman pics I have to the site. By no means is the Sherman section all the pics available to me, and I'm sure you Sherman 'buffs' will find errors in the captions, so would appreciate any assistance in corrections and additions if you would like to help (credit given).

      Check it out at:


      You'll find the MPA link near the bottom of the list of links on the left hand side of the home page. f course, feel free to wander all around the site, even though the Merriam Press portion is the commercial part of the site and includes descriptions, cover shots and excerpts from my books. Nothing specifically about Shermans (yet, anyway), but you still might find something of interest. But do check out the MPA site at least.

      Also, there is one title I have reprinted that might interest any Sherman lover: It was a late war (March '45) report prepared by the 2nd Armd Div for Eisenhower with the comments of over a hundred of the men and officers of the division about the quality of the American and German weapons, equipment and so forth, but especially the vehicles and in particular the tanks, including the Sherman. The comments are extremely enlightening. I have seen this report referenced in other books but do not believe it has ever been reprinted before. Basically, the men hated the Sherman and while I've have read and heard about the standard complaints you hear about the Sherman, these guys pulled no punches. Apparently the only good thing about the Sherman in these guys' eyes was that they could simply overwhelm the German tanks with their numbers. These guys didn't like too much else in the U.S. arsenal, either; they even felt the Germans were better dressed for winter warfare. Info on this title isn't on the web site just yet, but should be in a few days, including an excerpt from the report. The printed version includes some photos (none were in the original report; I only had a poor photocopy to work from supplied by a retired (but still working) U.S. weapons designer/developer.

      Thanks, Hanno, for your work on this list and the Sherman Register.
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