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  • tankbarrell
    Jul 14, 2014
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      The fittings on the rear hull are not for the stowage box, the lower brackets are the hinges for the air deflector and the upper blocks are used to clip it up out of the way of the engine doors when doing maintenance. The upper blocks were used for the stowage box but additional lugs, sometimes flat, sometimes angle iron were welded on to the plate to fix the lower ends of the box. These are not on the tank in question.

      There is a trace of what could be the drivers rear view mirror mounting on the right outer glacis but no other British stowage items that you would expect to see.

      The fuel filler caps have been marked P for the main tanks and H for the auxiliary generator. Petrol and Homelite? I've never seen that before.

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      P-O,Thanks for the pointers. It most likely is ex-British or even more likely ex-Canadian Army. The latter left most of their vehicles in dumps after WW2. The Netherlands Army used those dumps to rebuild their vehicle inventory. When the Sherman (and Ram) tanks were worn out, a number of them were stripped of interior and running gear to be used as pillboxes. That is what happened to this example, and that is when it got its coat of aluminium paint (the British never repainted the Sherman interiors in silver during WW2, IIRC also not after).Regards, HannoOp 13 jul. 2014 om 22:34 heeft "soldat_ryan@... [G104]" het volgende geschreven:it also seems that the interior was painted in silver, which is another indication of its former British career...P-OPosted by: soldat_ryan@...
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