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9701Evolution of Oil Cooler radiators on firewall of radial engined Shermans

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  • Roy Chow
    Jun 18, 2014
      It appears that later production radial engined tanks had a change in the placement of the RH oil cooler.  Initial tanks have the RH oil cooler mounted several inches higher than the LH oil cooler.   The four fuel shutoff valves above the LH cooler also accompany this configuration.  Later, the mounting location for the RH oil cooler is lowerd and matches the level of the LH oil cooler.  The fuel shut off valves decrease to two, mounted above and just inside both oil coolers.
      Can anyone tell me approximately when this feature entered production?  Was it by a certain manufacturer only?  I've seen them on a PSC manufactured, small-hatched M4A1 hull used in the M32B1 conversion program.  In PSC manufactured M4A1 76Ws, I see this feature regularly. http://www.modellismopiu.net/m+gallerie/main.php?g2_itemId=25011
      I've noticed this with radial equipped M7 HMCs as well.  Later production ones have equal height oil coolers. http://data.primeportal.net/artillery/seymour/m7_priest/2004_1110_043918.jpg  DTA-produced M4 (105)s have this feature too.
      Can anyone chime in?