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9694Re: M32 TRV turret stowage question: M1A1 Bazooka Rocket Launcher

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  • ericadeane
    Jun 1, 2014
      Thanks Chris: A poster (Tom Cromwell) on Missing Lynx suggested the spot between the left rear seat and the turret wall mounted fire extinguisher.  There's a bracket and an unattended strap attached to a footman's loop.  It seems that it's supposed to hold up something vertically.  It would work (space wise, for the 54" M1A1 bazooka tube) save for the spotlight pistol grip mounted above that space.  He pointed me to the pics in the Ampersand book "Heavy Wrecker" p 57.  It seems to make sense.  In your photos, this one is the approximate position.


      See the metal bracket, proud of the turret wall just to the left of the fire extinguisher mount? 

      The more I look into it, I think the M1A1 was omitted.  The pics in "Heavy Wrecker" show two M32 turrets fully stocked -- but no bazooka, nor any placards.  We know changes exist in the stowage lay out from the original TM 9-738.  The .45cal MG was moved.  The stowage of the two 5 gallon water cans is clearly on the LH sponson (whereas the TM says it should be on the RH sponson).  I may just have to omit the bazooka after all....
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