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9690Re: [G104] M32 TRV turret stowage question: M1A1 Bazooka Rocket Launcher

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  • Terry Warner
    Jun 1, 2014
      You have the sort of question that drove me out of model building. 

      There may be a situation where the TM was written before the vehicle was actually completed and the photos are virtually the first time anyone hung all the accessories on it. Operational experience would later teach crews what went where and how to wedge in what was actually needed‎ vs what the staff checklist dictated. 


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      Subject: [G104] M32 TRV turret stowage question: M1A1 Bazooka Rocket Launcher


      I'm modeling the M32B1 in 1/35 from Tasca/Asuka.

      I'm looking for advice on where to mount the M1A1 "Bazooka" rocket launcher in my M32 TRV turret. According to my TM 9-738 (from Easy1 Productions) it was mounted "Vertical location rear of turret". Does anyone have a clue as to what this means?

      Admittedly, even the TM's narrative says some items were not updated as the series progressed and one can assume that many prescribed vehicle equipment stowage points may have varied with factory variations. But, for the life of me, I can't figure where it was stowed. In 1/35th scale, the 54" long M1A1 would have been 39mm long. With my Tasca/Asuka M32B1 kit's turret, I can't see how a 39mm long tube could fit anywhere.

      I thought of the later M9 bazooka that could be broken down into two tube sections but the TM clearly says the M1A1 was allocated to the M32s.

      I've scoured the many pics of survivors and the TM fully. I'm lost. Any ideas?

      Roy Chow

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