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9668Re: [G104] Re: Field repairs on Radiators

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  • Chris
    Mar 2, 2014
    Thanks for that Wayne
    Interesting how those tricks are still relevant today! Explains the images I've seen of British and Polish M4A2's in Italy with what looks like lengths of track from a Universal or Lloyd carrier fixed across radiator vent just above the exhaust deflector (see attached image). Had always wondered as to their purpose, makes sense now. Obviously a crew improvisation as not all had this.
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     The U. S. Army had manuals for wheeled and tracked vehicles. The manual for field expedient, called improvised, repairs that I had listed a half dozen or so patches for radiators which included what I mentioned, also adding a raw egg to the radiator, loosening the radiator pressure cap to reduce pressure in the system, and the use of wooden plugs and rags for large holes. 
    Hope this helps.
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