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9638Re: [G104] M4A3 Vilseck - Grafenwohr [1 Attachment]

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  • Michael Lembo
    Nov 4, 2013
      Hello Michel,
        Yes that is 44220.  I found remnants of the 7th Army patch in the paint on the transmission housing.  I was wondering what that was when I found it, since the 1949 photo does not show anything painted on the front.  They must have been adding stuff to it over the first few years it was out there. 

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      Subject: [G104] M4A3 Vilseck - Grafenwohr [1 Attachment]

      Going true some old MDAP stuff i found a picture of a M4A3 (76), probably at that time in Vilseck. I think its the same as the one in Grafenwohr and documented by Michael Lembo recently. 


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