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  • metalscalemodels
    Sep 30, 2013

     Hello all,

    I found a picture of the Beffe Sherman. On that picture there are some numbers visable. It looks like: 3051319. It is hardly to see so i can easely be wrong. Is this a possible reg. number? 


    Johan Meijer

    ---In G104@yahoogroups.com, <g104@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

    Hello Johan,

    It would certainly be interesting to be able to determine the history of
    that Sherman. It is an early Chrysler (Spring 1944) production vehicle as
    evidenced by the very low serial number of the E8020 casting (A11) & the
    early position of the forward cable clamp, behind, not on, the E8020 piece.
    Many of the bogie units that Chrysler used had dates cast on them, which can
    provide a clue about when the tank was made. I don't have any clear shots of
    the dates, but would guess they might be "3-44." The turret is also an early
    production casting (serial number A75) with a fitting (that was later
    eliminated) for a forward antenna mount. You can also see the "ghost" of the
    extra lifting ring just behind the forward antenna mount. Certainly the
    early turret & hull are appropriate together, but I would wonder why only
    the turret shows evidence of having had the metal rods that some US units
    welded on to hold foliage? Could the turret be from another tank? The engine
    deck panels are replacements taken from an M74. I'm sure that, as built,
    that tank would have had a 1-piece rearmost engine deck. Did you see any
    damage or penetrations on the tank?

    The numbers you saw stamped in the rear are probably just the part number &
    serial number of the individual piece of armor plate. On a clean Sherman,
    stamped numbers can be found on almost everything. One of our members
    sanded through many layers of paint to expose the serial number (43911) of a
    similar M4A3(76)VVSS in Clervaux. I expect the Beffe would have a lower
    S/N, but don't recommend sanding without getting permission. I've attached
    a photo I marked up to show people where to look for a loose build sequence
    number on a Chrysler. Sometimes it's possible to read that despite heavy
    paint. I expect the Beffe would have "76B" & then a number 300 or lower.

    Very impressive model, Johan! On a historical note, Chrsyler built Shermans
    with VVSS had pressed metal, spoked road wheels installed as original
    equipment. That's not to say they couldn't have been replaced with other
    types in the course of service, but probably not all of them.

    >I think the French did the box on all the vehicles they rebuild.

    OK, Michel.
    The Somua S35 at APG has "numbers in a box" stamped on the hull & turret.
    Also has "CAIL NO 42761" (attached) which I take to be the Matricule Number?
    French Lend Lease Shermans were obviously assigned Matricules, although I
    don't think anyone has ever reported finding one stamped into the armor.

    >If it's indeed RN 40152515 that would be SN 4052 isn' it?



    From: "metalscalemodels" <contact@...>
    Sent: Friday, October 07, 2011 10:21 AM
    To: <G104@yahoogroups.com>
    Subject: [G104] looking for a serial number

    > I have been this summer In Beffe Belgium, after spending a hollyday in
    > France, I visit the Shermantank over there. I went there looking for
    > serial numbers. I found nothing on the known places, towlugs etc. I did
    > find a number of what i believe could be a sn number. It is stamped only
    > on the right backside. Unfortunately it is not very clear. I hope someone
    > can make something of it.
    > Does anyone know also something about the unitmarkings of the 771st tankbt
    > in januari 1945. I believe that was the unit where this sherman belong to.
    > for the pictures: http://www.shermantank.nl/M4A3(76)W.htm
    > regards,
    > Johan Meijer
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