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9622RE: T6 Questions

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  • kurt_laughlin
    Sep 29, 2013
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       It was never made in any variants besides the 75mm gun.  At best there were mock-ups made of the various alternative mounts but they probably only existed as layout drawings. 



      On page 117 of the Hunnicutt Sherman book he says the T6 was supposed to come in five different arrangements.  Included are two 37mm guns version, one 105mm howitzer version, three .50 caliber machine guns version, and a British 6 pounder version.


      Is there any more information available on this series?  Which howitzer was it supposed to be?  Would it look similar to the 105mm version of the Sherman?  Were the two 37mm guns side by side, like a set of twin .50s?  Did the British 6 pounder version have a muzzle break?


      I am working on an HO scale model of these and would like more information before I proceed.




      Mike Bunkermeister Creek

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