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9602RE: [G104] Historic Sherman from TF Baum to be Preserved

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  • spoelstra.geo
    May 11, 2013

      Here you go. You will notice it is in a typically ex-range condition,
      nowhere near the condition Cobra King was in before being restored. BTW, I
      think they did an excellent job on its restoration and I hope the TF Baum
      Sherman is preserved rather than restored (after which it will look like
      just another Sherman...)


      Op Za, 11 mei, 2013 2:30 pm schreef Shawn Ferguson:
      > Wish I could see the pics. Sadly though, I think this restoration will be
      > more complete than Cobra King's.
      > To: G104@yahoogroups.com
      > From: HL.Spoelstra@...
      > Date: Sat, 11 May 2013 14:18:03 +0200
      > Subject: [G104] Historic Sherman from TF Baum to be Preserved
      > See
      > QUOTE
      > This hulk of a 105mm howitzer armed Sherman, which was apparently one of
      > the three such SP arty vehicles attached to Task Force Baum when they
      > unsuccessfully attempted to liberate the POW camp at Hammelburg, Germany,
      > in late March 1945, is now at a museum. This hulk was found on the
      > ranges at
      > Hammelburg training area several years ago and it appeared on the cover
      > of the "After the Battle" magazine about TF Baum (issue 91). After that,
      > it was
      > no longer used as a hard target and was moved to the site of TF Baum's
      > last stand (still within the training area).
      > In March, the hulk was finally moved to a museum for preservation (they
      > are
      > even talking about eventual restoration). The front cover still retains
      > original stenciling - it's hard to read and I'm not a Sherman researcher,
      > but it says something about closing the drain plugs. (Does anyone have a
      > reference to what these stencils would have said?)
      > This tank was commanded by T/Sgt. Charles Graham of the 10th Armored
      > Infantry (acting platoon leader). It was apparently knocked out by a
      > Hetzer
      > tank destroyer when TF Baum was surrounded and overrun.
      > The tank is now located at the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Nachkriegsmuseum in
      > Rütschenhausen, near Schweinfurt.
      > http://www.nachkriegsmuseum.de/wb/pages/startseite.php
      > UNQUOTE
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