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9588Re: [G104] What are crosshair markings on hull sides for?

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  • Chris
    Feb 9, 2013
      Thanks for this Mike
      Very interesting and not something I'd known about! Do you think the 5 point crosshair aft of the of that center boresigting patch is for the same purpose?
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      Found the drawing. It is for factory boresighting, but the same idea would apply in the field. A pair of tanks would probably park a specific distance apart, side by side, and on level terrain. The gunners could quickly check their periscope alignment without having to bother setting up a big target. I see that all of the tanks in the pictures yo attached have the M34A1 mount, but if they were using the periscope sight a lot for indirect firing, the same issue would apply with the M34A1.


      On Sat, Feb 9, 2013 at 7:07 PM, Michael Canaday <michael.canaday@...> wrote:
      I always thought those looked like boresight targets for aligning the cannons with the gun barrels. Since a lot of the tanks that the 4th had were equipped with the older M34 combination mount, keeping them aligned would be critical, especially since they probably did a lot of indirect fire missions. Somewhere I have the boresight target drawing, and have meant to compare the tank marks to the boresight drawings.

      Mike Canaday

      On Sat, Feb 9, 2013 at 6:52 PM, Chris <wroblew@...> wrote:

      Was wondering if anyone knows what the significance of the the small crosshair markings/patches are on the side of these M4's of the Polish 4th Armored Regiment. They are somewhat random but are clustered near the center and sometimes forward beside the driver or assistant. My first thought is that they were applied by REME workshops to identify hull repairs. I'm not entirely clear on this but I'm guessing the locations designated repairs to significant ballistic damage. I've read the REME used welded conical plugs/patches for ballistic piercings of the armor plate. Was the cross-hair a way of measuring potential crack propagation/direction? One thing to consideration is that these markings are unique to this regiment, no other regiment from what I've seen had them. Could this have been an experiment by the REME to track damage or was this a form of distraction/diversion for enemy gunners to throw off their aim?


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