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9565Re: TM 9-737 T1E3 Mine Exploder

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  • Adrian Harris
    Jan 28, 2013
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      Roy: I'm hoping to build a 1.6th scale model of the T1E3, so am looking for some decent exploded diagrams to show how the various parts fit together.

      I've found various illustrations on line, the style of which would indicate they came from the TM, but without the original I don't know if that is the full extent of the diagrams within the TM.

      I'd also be interested to know if any of these units survive anywhere ?


      From: Roy Chow <roy.chow@...>
      To: adrianharris21@...
      Sent: Monday, 28 January 2013, 16:09
      Subject: Re: TM 9-737 T1E3 Mine Exploder

      Adrian: What do you need? I have a reproduction of some of the TM published by the TANK WORKSHOP SERIES.  It was published a few years back by Sid Arnold of Armoured Brigade Models.

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