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9560Re: [G104] Schwarzenegger

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  • tankmodeler@rogers.com
    Jan 4, 2013
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      Yeah, I remember back, years ago, when he bought it. As the article says, it is the exact same machine he drove while in the Austrian army. If I remember correctly, they had to do some digging thourhg their records to find it for him, He knew the serial number, but it took them a while to dig it out for him. 
      You can also thank Arnold for the Hummers on the civilian roads today, He had the very first civvy one by bugging the crap out of AM General to sell him one off the military production line. Apparently called in a number of favours from his movie & NRA connections to get it throught the red tape. So, unlike the others sold on civvy street, his is an actual military HMMWV without civilian street modifications. It was only after the positive presws AM General got from Arnies Hummer and the deluge of requests for similar vehicles that they put the Hummer on the street.
      Then GM buggered them up.
      But that's another story...
      Paul Roberts
      From: Mike Davino <mdavino@...>
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      Off topic, but interesting.  I knew Arnold drove a tank when he was in the Army, but I didn't realize he liked tanks enough to buy one for himself.

      "Arnold Schwarzenegger takes his own personal tank out for a spin"


      Mike D
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