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9418Re: [G104] Fw: REME Jack for lifting Sherman?

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  • Andy Oertig
    Jun 11, 2012
      Hi Chris
      The Jack is not part of the Basic Issue tool Items (BII) for a Sherman Tank. The Jack is part of the 20 Level (Mechanic) tools...
      The Jack would come from either the Company Tool Truck or the Recovery Vehicle. 
      While Tank Crews are trained in their level of maintenance, they do not always have the "Spacial Tools" required for the Repair.
      My experience is having spent 20+ years as an Armored Crewman on M48A5's, M60A1's & A3's and M1's from IP's to M1A1 Heavies
      in the Active Army.
      Hope this Helps

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      Subject: [G104] Fw: REME Jack for lifting Sherman?

      Going to try this again as there was no post the first time?

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      Subject: REME Jack for lifting Sherman?

      Good day

      Have attached images of a 4th Armored Reg Polish Sherman of the HQ Squadron undergoing repairs to it's suspension after running over a mine about 18 July 1944 outside Ancona Italy. Am curious about the jack they are using as I can find no example of this tool in my M4A2 Manual, it only shows bottle jacks and blocks. Is this jack British REME tooling and does anyone have some clear images or diagrams of this jack and how its used?


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