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9351RE: [G104] Tanks in Hohenfels, Germany

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  • Kurt Laughlin
    Dec 11, 2011

      Hi Michael:


      I recall you mentioning that you were photographing the various Shermans at Hohenfels and elsewhere.  I am compiling a document showing the various casting markings and variations on the larger Sherman pieces (turret, gun shields, rotor shields, driver’s plate [E8020], and differential housings).  If you have photos that include this information I would appreciate getting copies, if you have the time.  Please let me know if you are amenable to this.


      Thanks for your help,



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      Hello all members.


      I am a civilian contractor (US Army Retired) working at the US post in Hohenfels, Germany.  We have here an M4A1(76)W on display in front of the HQ building.  It is unusual in that is has a muzzle brake and attachments on the mantlet for the canvas cover, but still has VVSS suspension.  I have only been able to find 3 wartime photos of an M4A1 in this configuration, and none of them have the mantlet cover attachments.  The Osprey book on the 76 Gun M4 says a small batch of these arrived in the ETO in the spring of '45.  It has too much paint for me to find a serial number, and it is right in front of the HQ, so I can't just walk up and start wire brushing the SN locations.  I am working on getting Command approval to investigate it.  I will send a photo as soon as I get one.  I am also working on restoring an M24 Chaffee which belongs to the Army here as well. If anyone has a database of serial numbers for these also, I need whatever info can be found on M24 Ser# 5540, Hull number is:  lightly stamped "H" followed by a deeper stamped "C", number 721, flanked by ordnance bombs.  It has floatation device attachments only on the rear, never were installed in front.  Has the early type antenna mount, but the later type gun tube (could be replaced tube).  It had all the 1950's commo modifications, but it has now been backdated to the original config.  Any info on these two will be greatly appreciated.


      Michael Lembo

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      Date: Tuesday, October 11, 2011, 10:10 PM


      Hello Johan,

      >What evidence of the metal rods on the side of the turret do you see?

      I was thinking of the little loops that you can see welded on to the turret
      sides. I've marked up & attached one of your photos. Those loops could be
      for the purpose of hanging crew junk, or holding chicken wire.
      Here's a blow up of a photo that I sent to Don M. when he was working on
      Cobra King. This was taken at Hammelburg in 1948. You can see the rods &
      wire that were added to the hull & turret. Don was able to find weld scars
      in the same position, as well as the same casting marks on the bow gunner's
      hatch, so we are almost certain that is a photo of CK. One wonders how it
      ended up there? Aside from being "First in Bastogne," was it also the Cobra
      King that was said to have been lost during the Hammelburg Raid? Both
      episodes involved C Co. / 37th Tank Bn, so don't see why not, but can't
      prove it.

      >The story goes that this Sherman ran on a mine. Afterwards it was puched of
      >the road. I've seen no evidence of any battledamage.

      In the course of researching your model, if you come across any further info
      about the history of the Beffe, would you please let us know?


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      > Hello Joe,
      > The story goes that this Sherman ran on a mine. Afterwards it was puched
      > of the road. I've seen no evidence of any battledamage.
      > I'm almost sure that there is no number at the side of the glacis.
      > I've got no pictures of the bogies. I didn't know that was a point of
      > interest..
      > What evidence of the metal rods on the side of the turret do you see?
      > thanks for your reply.
      > Johan

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