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9328Re: M24 Serial Number info

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  • Dan
    Nov 20, 2011
      127 is my hull number. The data plates are gone except for a Norwegian rebuild plate that I cant read much of.

      USA 30112720 - so the 127 in this number is not reflective of the Reg. Correct?

      Yes my M24 DOES NOT have the cast flotation bladder / buldozer attachments.

      Also I have noted an early and late tell on the turrets. The antenna brackets on the latter tanks is a cast piece. On the early it is stamped steel. Also the early tanks have foot loops where the "flotation bladder" attachments go. But obviously the big brackets are an obvious. But..... I have been looking at a few pictures and they may have discontinued these little foot loops before they went to the big brackets. So there may be a way to tell from pictures the difference between the EARLY models if they were early or late in the series.

      Where on the drivers side did you note these numbers?

      Obviously my hull number and related is on the lower, front, passenger side on the outside of the hull. That is the only information I have. The data plates are gone and the paint is none existant so....

      So in theory USA 30112720 can be traced to find more info on the tank and its history. I gather that the tanks and there registation numbers were actually kept track of in field reports and such?


      --- In G104@yahoogroups.com, "Joe DeMarco" <snick13@...> wrote:
      > >Any info on M24's Numbers 1894 and 1567?
      > Both would have been produced by Cadillac ca. Dec, 1944. Your M24 seems to
      > contradict his findings, but if you believe Mr. Hunnicutt regarding the
      > intro of the floatation adaptors, both of those would have had them front &
      > rear. S/N 1567 = USA 30119586, & 1894 = USA 30120422. Dec, 1944 production
      > would be about the cut off point for a US built AFV to have been sent
      > overseas & actually issued to troops before WW II ended. For instance,
      > here's a Tonelli photo of USA 30119615. It appears to have the front
      > adaptors. Tonelli must have bought a bunch of snapshots taken by a fellow
      > who processed AFVs at the Peninsula Base Section in Italy. I would assume
      > this one was taken around Livorno. 1st AD unit records indicate this
      > particular M24 was issued to the 81st Rcn, 4/2/45.
      > >what info any of you may have on M24 Chaffee with a SN of 127.
      > 127 would have been the 127th M24 produced by Cad, & it would have been
      > accepted July, 1944. It would have been assigned USA 30112720. It should be
      > one of the ones that did NOT have the floatation adaptors on either end.
      > All of these may have a loose build number stamped into the armor on the
      > driver's side. I've seen a couple that have a "T" prefix. Dan, I think you
      > know that most half-track dataplates include a Manufacturer's Serial Number
      > along with the Ord Serial Number. I suspect the build numbers seen on some
      > Shermans & M24s & such would have been the MFRs' S/Ns; they just didn't
      > include them on the plates.
      > Joe
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      > From: "Dan" <artillerydan@...>
      > Sent: Friday, November 18, 2011 11:45 PM
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      > Subject: [G104] M24 Serial Number info
      > > Hello all,
      > >
      > > Well since many of the learnid camp here I thought I would ask what info
      > > any of you may have on M24 Chaffee with a SN of 127.
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