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9283Re: [G104] Tanks in Hohenfels, Germany

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  • Don Moriarty
    Oct 20 6:15 PM
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      That is really cool.  Yes the soot residue indicates an interior fire.  It appears to be heavily charred.  It may or may not indicate wartime related damage unless the hull has been breached or there is indications of a penetrating impact.
      The 'item' above the transmission is very interesting, I'm clueless.  An 'aux' pump for a plow perhaps, or .....something. 
      I can't tell for sure, but it appears that the manufacturer data plate is there (!!)  If so that will possibly provide some good intel.  On your next interior visit take a spray can of wd40 & a green scrub pad.  You might be able to get manufacturer date stamp & SN.  That would be a good bonus for identification purposes.
      Very Interesting.  I'd love to dig thru the debris,....no telling what might be found, besides obvious post-wartime junk.  That is what was so cool about cleaning out Cobra King.  Perhaps this tank has a story to tell also....just a thought.
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