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8810Re: [G104] Fwd: Sherman Tank the "Colorado"

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  • Joe DeMarco
    Mar 8, 2010
      Glen, it would appear that "Colorado" has not survived the years. Certainly,
      the Marines don't have it in any of their Museums. There are one or two
      period pix of it taken on Tarawa. In his caption for one of the photos, the
      author Steve Zaloga states that "Colorado was nearly knocked out by Japanese
      infantry using Molotov cocktails, but survived & provided invaluable fire
      support during the fighting."
      FWIW, Colorado was an M4A2 Sherman built by Fisher Body in Spring, 1943.
      Probably not more than a dozen such tanks have survived throughout the world
      ( can think of only one in the US), & I'm almost positive that there is no
      chance that any of them would be Colorado.
      I think one of the C Company tanks that didn't make it to shore still lies
      half buried on the beach at Tarawa. That would be a REALLY long trip, but
      would probably be the nearest thing your family could get to visiting the
      actual tank your grandfather drove.
      BTW, Dragon Models Ltd. offers a 1/35 scale model which features Colorado as
      the cover painting.
      Did you grandfather take any photographs? Tell any stories?


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      > My grandfaher was in WW 2 with the Marnines. He was a tank driver in the
      > Battle of Tarawa and Siapan. They have been searching for their tank
      > called the "Colorado". Do you know if this tank could be setting in a
      > museum or is there any records of this tank? It would mean the world to
      > them to see their tank they drove!
      > Glen Nevala
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