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8809RE: [G104] Fwd: Sherman Tank the "Colorado"

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  • Russ Morgan
    Mar 7, 2010
      Glen, I live in Colorado and so remember seeing some Signal Corp. photos of
      the Sherman named "Colorado" so you can at least find some pictures if you
      search hard enough. Good luck in the search......if by chance one of the
      crew were from Colorado and want to come up and crawl in a Sherman..come
      visit me.. Have fun Russ Morgan Loveland Colorado

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      My grandfaher was in WW 2 with the Marnines. He was a tank driver in the
      Battle of Tarawa and Siapan. They have been searching for their tank
      called the "Colorado". Do you know if this tank could be setting in a
      museum or is there any records of this tank? It would mean the world to
      them to see their tank they drove!

      Glen Nevala

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