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8793M4 Siren sound sample

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  • m32fan
    Feb 1, 2010
      Hello all,

      It has been a while, but the 1/6th M32B3 model I am working on is entering the final stages of detailing. Does anyone have a clean (ie without a lot of background noise) recording of the standard siren mounted on US AFVs?

      A restored M4 on Youtube produces a sound similar to 1930s Police/Ambulance/Firetruck. A rising and falling wailing. Is this correct?

      Can some kind soul point me to a downloadable sample, or commercial site.

      Kind regards
      Fabrice le Roux

      PS The ex Serbian M32B1 which has stood out in the elements since the mid 1990's as an ad hoc gate-guardian for the REME Museum, Arborfield,UK, has been put into storage pending restoration. It is likely to remain there for several years. However the museum is still well worth a visit for its remaining collection, including a rare Sherman BARV.