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8714BRAC Moves - 1st AD Museum to Bliss, 4th ID Museum to Carson,

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  • lightningiii
    Nov 2 3:33 PM
      A few vehicles have started showing up at Fort Bliss - presumably the advance party of the 1st Armored Division Museum moving from Baumholder Germany due to the re-stationing of the division.

      At least I assume these vehicles are coming from Baumholder:

      You can view the M4A1(76) and an M24 Chaffee (along with an article & video on the museum's move to Fort Bliss) at


      Here's the M3 Stuart that showed up:

      Can anyone confirm that these are from the 1st AD Museum Baumholder?

      Similarly, a bunch of Ordnance Museum vehicles were moved to Fort Lee earlier this summer in advance of the museum moving there 2011/2012. This includes the following:

      M2 Medium with M2A1 turret SN 2, RN 30445
      M4A1(75) Sherman Calliope SN 7320, RN 3058832
      M4A4 Sherman Experimental HVSS; SN 19617
      M7B1 Priest SN 3167, RN 4040083
      M10 GMC SN 6196, RN 4011031

      Several other WWI (Skeleton Tank), WWII and modern vehicles are there as well... They're not on display, but not exactly well hidden either ;)

      FYI, the 4th Infantry Division Museum took an M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight (SN 63350, "Barfly" - formerly on display at the division HQ at Fort Hood) with them as part of the division & museum's move from Fort Hood to Fort Carson. The 4th Infantry Division Museum also took a bunch of post WWII vehicles with them to Carson. The 4th ID Museum and 3rd ACR Museum have essentially traded places/facilities at Carson & Hood respectively. Only vehicle 3rd ACR took with them to Hood was a Half-Track - the rest of their old museum vehicles (including that M4A3 Sherman with the Jumbo turret and an M4A3(76)) are now with the new 4th ID Museum. Similarly, the 3rd ACR Museum has inherited most of the old 4th ID Museum vehicles at Fort Hood. It can be a bit confusing ;) But in terms of WWII vehicles, the only moves were Barfly to Carson, and a Half-Track to Hood.

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