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865Fwd: Yahoo! Groups Moderator News - January 2001

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  • HL.Spoelstra@inter.NL.net
    Feb 1, 2001
      Hi all, again,

      Here's some more info on the Yahoo-takeover of Egroups. It seems it
      has more consequences than they say, as in that you now have to sign
      in to use all those beautiful "WHAT'S NEW" features.
      I have had an ID for a long time - Yahoo took over Geocities as well -
      and I have not been bothered with spam or anything else. You can use
      an alias if you wish. I guess they do this so they can tell the
      investors and advertisers they have x-million "satisfied customers".

      Which brings me to the question: is everybody happy with the service
      Yahoo provides? If you have any comments, please send them to me, and
      I'll collect them and send them on to Yahoo.



      To: eGroups-Moderator-News@yahoogroups.com
      From: newsletter-admin@...
      Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 03:17:58 -0000
      Subject: Yahoo! Groups Moderator News - January 2001

      Yahoo! Groups Moderator News
      January 2001

      Dear Yahoo! Groups Moderator,

      We'd like to officially welcome you to Yahoo! Groups, the new service
      that incorporates eGroups technology. If you haven't done so, please
      check out the new website:



      All you have to do to access your groups on the web site is to link
      your current eGroups account(s) to a Yahoo! ID using our wizard. (If
      you don't use the web site, you won't need to link your accounts.)

      The process is simple:

      1. Go to the wizard:

      2. Tell us the eGroups account you'd like to link to a Yahoo! ID.
      (Your account is the email address you've used to sign in to the
      eGroups service.)

      3. Tell us the Yahoo! ID you'd like to link your account to. If you
      don't have a Yahoo! ID, you can register for one at that time.

      4. If you have multiple eGroups accounts, you need to go through the
      wizard more than once. You can link up to 5 accounts per Yahoo! ID.

      * Please remember that your groups have not moved. They are still
      here! All you are doing is establishing a Yahoo! ID log-in to access
      them via the web site.
      * Old URLs and email addresses will continue to work.


      All the features you know and love about eGroups are now part of
      Yahoo! Groups. In addition, we've added some new functionality that we
      hope you'll enjoy.

      WHAT'S NEW:

      Yahoo! Groups has lots of new features and even better customization.
      You can:

      * Chat with other group members using our improved Yahoo! Chat.

      * Add a splash of color to your group, or a group home page photo, all
      without knowing HTML.

      * See when group members are online and communicate with them in real
      time using Yahoo! Messenger.

      * Reach a larger audience. You will have the entire Yahoo! network of
      communications and communities services at your doorstep.

      And much, much more to come!


      * All eGroups email and web addresses will continue to work. You can
      still send email to <groupname>@egroups.com, <groupname>@onelist.com
      as well as <groupname>@yahoogroups.com
      (Your members will receive all mail from <groupname>@yahoogroups.com)

      * All of your group information including messages, calendar events,
      and your entire membership have been maintained.

      * Yahoo! Groups remains a free service

      WHAT'S NEXT?

      * International sites: We'll soon begin to internationalize Yahoo!
      Groups. In the interim, you can continue to use the international
      versions of eGroups.

      * Clubs integration: We plan to integrate Yahoo! Clubs into Yahoo!
      Groups later this year. The service will offer all of the previous
      Clubs features, as well as other enhancements.


      Below are some places to stay informed and to communicate with others
      about the service:

      * Yahoo! Groups Chat Event: Chat with a member of the Yahoo! Groups
      team on Thursday, February 1, 2001 at 4:00 PM EST. Log in on
      Thursday to participate:

      * Yahoo! Groups Help Center: detailed FAQs regarding the service.

      * Discussion Groups:

      EmailList-Managers: for anybody who has ever moderated a list
      whether on Yahoo! Groups or on other services.

      egroups-discuss-managers: a group for discussion and questions
      concerning the eGroups service, primarily oriented towards
      moderators. The group is moderated and monitored by Yahoo! Groups

      ListHelp: a friendly place to find help and hints for managing,
      owning, promoting your group/email list

      Merger: read about previous merger discussions and participate
      in new ones in our moderated merger discussion group:

      * Merger FAQ: for detailed questions and answers about the merger,
      please visit:


      On behalf of everyone here at Yahoo! Groups, thanks for being a
      group moderator on our service.


      The Yahoo! Groups team

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