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8611Re: [G104] The Tale of Two 'Jumbos' (More Questions)

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  • Kurt Laughlin
    Aug 8, 2009
      Hi Don:

      IIRC, your "old" M4A3E2 had a turret cast by Pittsburgh Steel Foundries
      (PSF) while Cobra King's was cast by Union Steel Castings (USC).
      Interestingly, these were both in the Pittsburgh area. The "dimpling" is a
      result of how the molds or patterns were built, but I can't tell exactly
      from the photo. If the metal is actually raised, these could be nail heads
      holding sheet metal against the wood pattern skeleton. The sand molds would
      pick this up and replicate it in the casting. If the casting is actually
      dimpled, these could be foundry nails driven into the sand mold halves to
      give them strength. Again, these would be picked up by the casting.

      Here are some photos I had handy:
      Raised bumps



      ----- Original Message -----
      From: Don Moriarty

      While doing analysis between the two M4A3E2's ( RN 3083084 & RN 3083026) a
      question of 'dimpling' in the steel on the turret exterior & interior of TN
      38 has me curious as well as several questions which seem to pop up.

      1) I assume the 'dimples' were due to production technique. This appears to
      be unique to this Jumbo, and I can't find photographic examples of others
      with similiar 'dimples'. Has anyone else noticed this elsewhere?

      2) The turret serial # is located on the turret top & not on the side, as
      most other vehicles / photos show. I assume this is unique to the
      manufacturer. Are there any other example of this difference.
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