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7821Re: Sherman has moved

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  • wwwpanserdk
    Mar 8, 2008
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      --- In G104@yahoogroups.com, "JOSEPH DEMARCO" <snick13@...> wrote:
      > Hi Claus
      > Hope all's good with you. S/N 56892 "says" that was built
      originally as an M4A3(105)VVSS. From info you sent earlier, several
      of the Danish Shermans were converted from 105s. The gun travel lock
      is still in the position of a 105 Sherman. On M4A3(75)Ws, the travel
      lock was the smaller one mounted higher up the glacis. Can't tell
      about that one, but some of the Danish (& other) MDAP Shermans appear
      to have had their 105 turrets swapped out for 75mm turrets from much
      earlier Shermans. Have you seen inside any of the Danish M4A3E4s? Was
      wondering if they were retrofitted with 76mm wet stowage ammo bins?
      > Joe


      Good hearing from you again!

      I believe all the turrets are a mix of low bustle and high bustle
      75mm turrets, some with applique armour on the right turret side.
      None have the rear turret ventilator of the 105mm turret.

      I've been inside several of these and as far as I can tell, the hull
      interior is more or less like a standard M4A3(76)W. There is a 30
      round magazine behind the hull-gunner, a 35 round magazine under the
      loaders floor and a 6 round magazine under the gunners seat.
      There are bits and pieces missing from the stabilizer and turret
      traverse system, but what is left suggest they've reused the 75mm
      parts that came with the turret, even if some appears to have been
      relocated (like the stabilizer control box).

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