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7601Re: [G104] New Photos Added

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  • Joe DeMarco
    Aug 1, 2007
      Hi Rick,

      Thanks for uploading the photos!
      In the "disabled" photo, notice the pipe fitting coming off the turret's bullet splash. It looks like pipe that you could get in any hardware store.That can also be seen on a couple of the 713th tanks in the photo I sent you, SC206511. I think that had to do with refueling the flamethrower fuel tanks inside. Their Shermans looked very similar to regular M4 Composites, so if you can see that fitting in a photo, it would be a good recog feature of a FT Sherman. There are a few surviving FT Sherman conversions scattered about the US that have a pipe fitting similar to that.

      If you Dad recalls those racks on either side of the engine deck, you might add them & the pipe fitting to your model of his tank.

      In the photo you posted labeled 4fb4.jpg, I'd be interested to know the tank's name - maybe ALICE? (It comes up real small on the site.) It appears to be Speed Number 15. If it's any help to your father, in a regular TB, the Speed Numbers of A Co. would go from about 7 to 24.


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