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7390Re: [G104] History comes alive in shop class

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  • Tankmodeler
    Apr 2, 2007
      HL.Spoelstra@... wrote:

      > From Todays Toronto Globe and Mail:
      > History comes alive in shop class

      I just had a chat with Mr. Carney and, after several of us enthusiasts
      have contacted him over the last couple of days, I can say he has a real
      feel for the significance of the vehicle he has in his shop.

      He is committed to getting the thing running, notwithstanding that it
      currently doesn't have an engine.

      The differential seems to be in reasonable shape as he was able to use
      the tillers to apply and even lock the brakes as they were moving the
      tank. This is good news, I believe.

      He is short technical information and looking to "the kindness of
      strangers" to help this project along.

      I have a wartime M4/M4A1 manual that I will be copying for him, however
      I want to approach the online community for additional help. If any of
      you have access to Continental engine manuals, illustrated parts books
      or NOS spares for an M4/M4A1, I would be interested in hearing from you.
      Given that this is a school, you have to know there is no money in the
      till for this sort of project, but Mr. Carney is game to try to raise
      money and to perform as complete a restoration as possible. He has a
      willing work force and may be able to barter labour for parts or
      services if it come to that. He will be setting up a restoration fund
      for donations and I'll keep you all in the loop on that as well.

      Finally, it has been a point of some discussion, but he absolutely
      confirms that this vehicle has had the co-driver's position filled with
      ammo racks and other Firefly fittings are inside, thus making this a
      bona fide Grizzly Ic Firefly.

      I hope some of you can help.


      > ._,___
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