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6802784th Tank Bn veteran speaks of liberating slave labor camp in Venlo, Netherlands

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  • Joe DeMarco
    Jul 1, 2006
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      Some of the members might be interested in this article that appeared yesterday in the Baltimore Sun about a local gentleman named James Hamilton, 83, & the part he played in liberating a camp in Venlo. According to Harry Yeide's book "Steel Victory" the 784th was one of the 3 segregated independent Tank Battalions. It "formed part of Task Force Byrnes, which linked up with Canadian forces in Venlo, Netherlands, in early March." Mr Hamilton was the bow gunner on an M4A3, & it's reported "He still loves that tank." "I mean, that baby could move!" he said. "We went through Stuttgart, went sliding around a corner, tore out the whole side of a house. Didn't hurt us none at all." Yesterday, he attended a ceremony in which his daughter was promoted to full colonel in the Air Force.


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