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6642DV M4A1s front appliqué plates

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  • heller1959
    May 7, 2006
      I found on page 45 of the Concord #7050 'US Tank Battles France 1944-
      1945' by Steven Zaloga 3 photos of early (ie Direct Vision-3 pîece
      transmission housing-M3 bogies) from 756th (2) and 753th (1, with
      a .30 replacing the usual turret-top .50 BTW) Tank Battalion in
      South France with appliqué plates in front of the drivers' hoods.
      This is not what is expected according to the many photos published
      and the remark in Kurt Laughlin's recent article about appliqué
      plates (Military Modelling vol 35-12) quoting FSMWO G104-W83 dated
      23 August 1943, whereas the M4A1 was 'adequately' shaped in this
      area and did not need the front plates.
      Could it be that the DV variant was not in the end
      thought 'adequately' shaped, at least for some users? Looking at
      Steven Zaloga's other booklet (Concord #7051 'US Tank Battles in NA
      and Italy 1943-1945'), other tanks fighting in Italy cannot be found
      with this modification.
      So could it be that the modification was only made and just before
      the Anvil-Draggon landing on several early DV M4A1s? (but not all,
      see #7050 on page 53 for another 756th TB tank WITHOUT this mod; on
      page 54 the angle of the photo prevents any conclusion to be drawn.)
      Your opinion, Gents?

      PS: the side plate on one of the 756th tank in #7050 seems to be a
      flat plate and not the properly supplied/made plate awaited. The 3
      tanks also appear to have the 2" bomb thrower installed in the