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    Feb 1, 2005
      Yes, I sure do......

      I bought that Sherman some years ago.

      I played on it when I was a kid many, many years ago ( I'm 52 now..). One
      day I was driving by the school and saw the BT-19 was gone. I stopped by the
      place and talked to the owner. I asked him if the tank was for sale, it was,
      but more money than I had at the time. Several months later I stopped by
      again with the money.....but the owner did not want to sell it now. I gave
      him my card and asked him to put it with his car titles. Some time later he
      passed away and when his family went through the papers they found my card.
      They called me and offered it to me for somewhat more money then before. I
      went in with a friend on it and we bought it. When we pulled it out of the
      ground (with a BIG tow truck and a endloader!) it rolled right on the tarmac
      and the entire drive train was free and not bound up!

      Sadly.......we sold it for a lot more money that we paid some time after
      to a friend of mine that had the facilities to restore it.

      It later was purchased by Tom Gould in NY, then by Frank Buck in PA, and
      now it's out west somewhere........

      I kick myself for selling it....but I had a dozen or more MV's at the time
      and did not have the means to make it right..........

      Jim Gilmore

      Jim Thorpe, PA.

      (formerly from Inkster, MI.)

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      Anyone know any more?

      "During my youth in Michigan, I used to pass by a nursery school in
      Dearborn Heights called the "Real Life Nursey". Among the 'toys' for
      the kiddies on the playground were a Sherman tank, and a Vultee BT-
      13. Bet those kids had fun! Before the land was cleared out in about
      1980 to make way for a Target store, everything disappeared."

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